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Botox Mom's Entire Story Was Scripted — Sheena Upton Considered It An 'Acting Job!'

Fri, May 20, 2011 10:04am EDT by Add first Comment

Sheena Upton, the mother who lied about giving her 8-year-old daughter Botox injections and lip fillers, says she followed a rundown when she did interviews for ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘Inside Edition.’

Could it get any worse? Sheena tells that she was given lengthy instructions to follow when she appeared on live TV, instructions that told her she would be playing “Kerry Campbell,” a delusional mother who thought it was perfectly fine to inject Botox into the face of her 8-year-old daughter “Britney.”

Sheena tells that she viewed the whole thing as an “acting job,” but she now realizes it was a “bad decision.” No, really?!

The website actually obtained the entire script for the “Botox mom,” which lays out line by line what Sheena would be saying and how she would be acting.

The script informs Sheena to say things like this: “She’s going to be famous thanks to me giving her injections so young.” AND THIS … “I have found a clinic that will do boob jobs in Mexico at 14, so if she hasn’t developed by then we’re saving for that surgery.”

Oh, and let’s not leave out this one: “I admire Lindsay Lohan‘s mum … for turning Lindsay into a child millionaire.” Wow.

The “story” was first seen in UK’s The Sun, and GMA and Inside Edition bought it “hook, line and sinker,” says TMZ. The reporter who wrote the story is allegedly the broker who provided Sheena with the “instructions” and script.

Although he says otherwise. “She [Sheena] has doctored emails from me,” the reporter tells “She has lied about The Sun. She is attempting to extort money. I saw her give the child injections.”

What do you think about this whole scandal?

–Leigh Blickley

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