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Should You Ever Get Engaged Because You Feel Pressured To Like Emily Maynard Did?

Thu, May 19, 2011 12:11pm EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Emily thought she could fall in love with Brad Womack, but is that enough of a reason to marry someone?

It’s not the biggest shocker in the world to hear that Emily Maynard, Brad Womack’s chosen bride on The Bachelor, might have gone on the show for impure reasons (i.e. elevating her career). But a new report says that Emily never loved Brad at all, despite getting engaged to him on the show. Should she have let the pressure of outsiders influence her decision to say ‘I do’?

“She told me, ‘I pray every day that I could fall in love with Brad,’” the Southern blonde’s pal, Krista Lee, told Life & Style. “It’s just such a mess.” The pal explained Emily’s decision to so say yes during the May 14 finale as, “She wanted to get more jobs hosting and maybe some modeling work.”

And although the couple tried to make it work, it was clear that Emily’s heart wasn’t in it; she eventually broke it off with Brad last month.

Emily’s situation is a bit different from anything you’re going to encounter — after all, you’re not accepting a marriage proposal on national television on a reality show where you’ve just ‘won’ love — but the sentiment is still the same. Should you ever become engaged because you think you should when you’re not sure he’s the one?

I find that a lot of women settle because they’re just grateful to be asked, happy that someone loves them. Being a bride and having a fancy wedding is the dream for many. But just because you want the trappings of marriage doesn’t mean you actually want to be wed to someone you don’t really love.

Think about what will happen when your dream day is over. Can you imagine a lifetime (or even a few months) of pretending to feel something you don’t? Emily caved in to the pressure, but she eventually did the right thing by cutting it off, despite the fact that Brad is totally besotted by her. However, she’ll be causing him less pain in the long run, knowing as she does that she doesn’t love him and probably never will.

Be strong. It take a tough woman who can say ‘I don’t’ to ‘Will you say I I do?’


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