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Bonnie Says: Botox Mom Deserves To Lose Her Daughter – She's Emotionally Abusing Her!

Thu, May 19, 2011 6:43pm EDT by Add first Comment

Sheena Upton may not have really injected her 8-year-old with Botox, but she exploited her on national TV so she could have fame and fortune!

Sheena Upton, a single mom, has temporally lost custody of her little girl while child protective services investigates whether she is a danger to her daughter and I hope she doesn’t get her back until she has received intensive counseling and can be trusted to be responsible.

Not only did she make up a hoax and force her daughter to lie and pretend that she had been injected with Botox, but she chose TV fame and money payments over her child’s well being.

She’s no better than Balloon Dad, who forced his little boy to pretend he’d been lost in an air balloon. That little guy was so distraught when he was discovered lying that he threw up out of fear. In this case, an 8-year-old has had her world turned upside down by a selfish, lying mother.

Using your child to perpetrate a hoax is emotional abuse, plain and simple. Plus, what message is she sending to her daughter? That it’s ok to lie and make up stories for money and media attention! That’s NOT a lesson any decent parent would give a child.

And if Sheena has just done this to her daughter — what else has she done that we don’t know about? Has she “used” her daughter in other disturbing ways?

I hope this little girl is being cared for by loving and responsible family members and she isn’t returned to her mother, unless Sheena can convince child protective services she will not exploiting and emotionally abusing her EVER again! Plus this disturbing mother MUST be monitored!

Bonnie Fuller

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