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Stephen Colletti Reacts To 'One Tree Hill' Pickup: Our Fan Base Is A Powerhouse! Thank You!

Tue, May 17, 2011 9:03pm EDT by 2 Comments

Stephen Colletti spoke with exclusively just hours after learning his show, ‘One Tree Hill,’ was surprisingly picked up for a ninth season!

After we heard One Tree Hill had been picked up for an unexpected ninth season May 17, we quickly got on the phone with Stephen Colletti to get his reaction to the exciting news. Read our exclusive Q-and-A with the 25-year-old actor to hear what his cast members had to say, his dream storyline for Chase and who he credits for getting picked up once again!

HL: How do you feel about being renewed?
SC: Someone was actually telling me One Tree Hill is trending on Twitter. It just goes to show our fan base is such a powerhouse. Everyone on the show recognizes and appreciates it. I’m happy for the fans and I’m happy for everyone in North Carolina who gets a job for another season.

HL: Why do you think OTH got picked up for another season?
SC: I can’t say enough for the fans. They love to live in Tree Hill and I think it’s really really awesome they have such an appreciation for it.

HL: What do you think will happen in Tree Hill next season?
SC: I don’t know, but I do know Mark will continue to crank out some quality Tree Hill drama.

HL: Do you think he’ll continue with the storyline of Chase being in the Air Force? How will that work?
SC: The finale takes place over a year, so a lot happens. I hope they continue the military aspect for Chase because I really like playing it. Mark kind of joked to me about asking if I was ready for another hair cut.

HL: What about a wedding? Do you see one in the cards for Chase?
SC: I think Chase is a settle down kind of guy. I think it could be, but who knows?

HL: If you could walk into the writers’ room and dictate your own storyline, what would happen?
SC: Chase would carry on as a pilot in the military. If Chase gets stationed in a base near Tree Hill, that would be perfect for him.

HL: What would you have happen with Chase’s relationships?
SC: It was fun playing the triangle through last season on the acting side. I enjoy doing that. But I think for Chase, hopefully there’s going to be some settling down.

HL: Have you talked to your co-workers today? What was the general reaction?
SC: There were some congrats around. I even got a text that was like, ‘Roommate?’

HL: When do you start shooting again?
SC: I don’t know. Maybe toward the end of June.

HL: What will happen with your and James Lafferty‘s project, ‘Generation Wild?’
SC: We’re still going to work on it. It’s always been planned — we knew we wouldn’t be there all the time. We will definitely still will be involved with it though.

HL: Do you have any final thoughts?
SC: Today is a good day. It’s cool they announced it today, the day of the finale.

Kirstin Benson