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Glee Recap: It's The 'Funeral' We've All Been Waiting For — And Had Some Epic Singing!

Tue, May 17, 2011 9:46pm EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments

The May 17 episode of ‘Glee’ had some amazing performances — and made us even more anxious for the Nationals in NYC next week!

Will Schuester initially suggested entering the National Glee competition in NYC with one group number and one duet, but of course there was some disagreement about who the featured singers would be.

Will also faced a tough decision when Becky, the cheerleader with Down Syndrome, came to ask him if she could join the Glee club.  The reason, of course, was because Sue Sylvester had cut her from the team.

Sue dismissed her from the McKinley Cheerios because Becky reminded her of her sister, who also had Down Syndrome but died of pneumonia in the last couple days. The funeral that everyone was anticipating in this episode was revealed very early on!

After a harsh review of the Glee club, especially Finn’s capabilities, Rachel got frustrated when Finn confessed his confidence was shot thanks to Jesse St. James, the newcomer and former member of Vocal Adrenaline.

Emma helped Will pack up his things for his trip to New York, but it got a little emotional when she asked him to pack up and give away the sweater vest he first met her in. She might be the most understanding girlfriend ever.

Sue admitted to Finn and Kurt that she didn’t know how to deal with her sister’s death. She couldn’t deal with the fact that her sister was the nicest person ever while she’s the meanest, yet she’s still living. Finn decided to take control and make the group decision for the Glee club to help plan the funeral — against the advice of Jesse St. James.

The members of Glee club had to audition to become the centerpiece of their performance at Nationals. Santana performed Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Back to Black,’ which was AMAZING, and made me remember what a great song that is. But Jesse absolutely hated it.

Kurt sang ‘Some People’ from Gypsy. He did a good job, but it didn’t really do anything for me. Again, Jesse was less than thrilled.

Mercedes killed it singing ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ by Otis Redding. Will said thank you for remembering where Glee club started, but Jesse said she needed to practice and called her lazy.

Rachel sang Barbara Streisand‘s closing number in Funny Girl, ‘My Man,’ and she cried, thinking of Finn of course. It was a truly, truly incredible performance — Jesse loved it! I have to say she deserved the win but it totally looked  like he was raving about her because of their history together.

Sue was giving a hard time to Kurt and Finn about packing up her sister’s things, and finally admitted that she only wanted the Glee club there to fill the funeral home. But in the end, the Glee boys organized the most touching funeral service that Sue could have expected. Not only was the house full of people that loved her sis, but Sue began a speech that Will had to finish because of her teary eyes. Even a non-Gleek could absolutely not keep dry eyes during this scene.

The Glee club performed an amazing version of the Willy Wonka song ‘Pure Imagination’ along to a video montage of Sue’s sister.

Finn broke up with Quinn after confessing that he just doesn’t feel tethered to her the way that Sue had talked about earlier. She pathetically suggested that she would stay with him until he got over Rachel, but at least Finn was strong enough to say no.

Post-funeral Sue made amends with Becky and said she could come back to the Cheerios! She also gave up on trying to take down the Glee club in order to run for State representative, but also is forced to admit that she rerouted the team’s tickets to Libya. Terri Schuester came through in the end and got the team their tickets, but also confessed she’s moving to Miami.

Game-changer: While Jesse told Rachel that she won the feature spot in the Nationals, he kissed her and Finn saw as he was on his way to give Rachel flowers!!

In the end, Will couldn’t choose just one student to feature in the Nationals and decided the club would perform original songs, which would include all the members in every number. Will this be good or bad? New York next week!

–Brooke Peoples