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'90210' Season Finale: Who's Pregnant, Who's Breaking Up & More Questions Answered!

Mon, May 16, 2011 12:18pm EDT by Add first Comment

Tristan Wilds, Matt Lanter & more stars dish on tonight’s finale. (Warning: DON’T read if you don’t want to be spoiled!)

While Ivy and Raj find are busy tying the knot on tonight’s season finale of 90210 — elephant and all — their friends’ lives are quickly falling to pieces! spoke with Matt Lanter (Liam), Tristan Wilds (Dixon), Manish Dayal (Raj) and Diego Boneta (the late, great Javier) for the answers to all our wedding, pregnancy and break-up questions! As it turns out, the seniors are ending their years at West Bev with a bang. Several, actually…


How will Dixon react to Ivy getting married?

Dixon has always been a great guy, and his reputation will definitely hold up after tonight’s finale. Honestly, how many guys could watch their ex-girlfriend walk down the aisle without totally freaking out?

“It definitely is a little weird at first,” Tristan Wilds admitted to me. “But you’ll see him swallow his tongue and kind of become the bigger man.”

Dixon truly is the Brandon Walsh of our time.


Is Adrianna really committing suicide?

Fans freaked out when paparazzi shots of Jessica Lowndes filming on a ledge hit the web a few months ago, and it sounds like we’ve all got good reason to be concerned.

“[Adrianna] does reach a breaking point that pushes her to a ledge,” Manish Dayal confirmed to me.

The shocking photos also revealed Diego Boneta, who we haven’t seen since his character, Javier, was killed at the beginning of the season. Oddly enough, I spoke with Diego back in February, and we joked about the possibility of his character haunting Adrianna.

“That would be cool,” Diego replied when I suggested the then-ridiculous-but-now-plausible idea of Javier’s ghostly return. “Like I’m getting her back for stealing my music and everything else.”

The only question is: Will Javier’s ghost stop Adrianna from jumping… or give her a little extra push? (I, for one, am worried about her.)


Are Liam & Annie breaking up?

After two very dramatic seasons, Annie and Liam finally ended up together this year — but it’s possible their relationship might not be as rock-solid as fans hope.

“Liam makes an interesting choice after graduation,” Matt Lanter recently told us. “And after the finale, we don’t know where [Liam and Annie’s] relationship is headed. So I don’t even know if he’s going to stay in contact with her after the summer or not.”



OK, now for the big one: Who’s pregnant?

Ever since TVLine first reported that one of the girls at West Bev would be with child by season’s end, fans have been wracking their brains trying to guess which one it will be. And while we won’t know for sure until we see that little plus sign — that’s how TV pregnancy tests work, right? — a source close to the show did let it slip to me which girl will soon be eating for two.

The mom-to-be, according to my source, is: NAOMI! [Highlight the text to see the name!]

No word yet as to how the pregnancy will play out next fall, but you can bet we’ll be glued to the TV in anticipation.

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