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Prince William & Kate Middleton's Private Life In Wales Revealed!

Sun, May 15, 2011 6:04pm EDT by William Earl 2 Comments

Kate cooks and shops for the Prince!

All eyes are on Prince William and Kate Middleton after their Royal Wedding, but the newly-named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are enjoying the quiet life on the Welsh island of Anglesey!

William, 28, and Kate, 29, live in farmhouse far away from any hustle and bustle, the Daily Mail reports. And Kate is settling into her dutiful role as a housewife, cooking Will homemade meat pies and running him baths when he gets home from work!

But there are always reminders that Will and Kate are celebrities. Their favorite local pub, the White Eagle, has become inundated with customers since word got out about their patronage

“Oh, we’ve had the press and TV crews in here every day since the Royal Wedding,” a source at the bar says. “It’s crazy really. I mean, with all this attention, I doubt that William and Catherine will ever come back again.”

But locals say that in spite of the commotion their presence brings to the town, Will and Kate are beloved.

“Oh, people here really like them,” a local said. “They adore them. They are such a nice, normal couple, everyone will tell you that. They can come and go as they please. William bombs around on his Ducatti motorbike, Kate goes to the shops. Nobody bothers them, everyone is so pleased they are here. It’s not like when Prince Charles went to South Wales and nobody liked him there. This is an entirely different situation.”

We’re so glad this regal couple is staying down-to-earth!

— William Earl

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