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Miracle Baby — Mom Gives Birth Despite Having Her Womb Lining Removed!

Fri, May 13, 2011 3:27pm EDT by 1 Comment


It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that Paula Rivett, 38, didn’t realize she was pregnant until six months in!

A Kent, UK mother who suffered from endometriosis, a condition that causes extremely heavy and painful menstrual periods, finally decided to do something about it, the Daily Mail reports. The operation is called endometrial ablation, and involves removing the womb lining, which Paula Rivett, 38, knew meant she could never have another child.

Already a mother to Harrison, 8, Paula accepted that it was not in the cards for her to have another baby, even though she always wanted another one. Only six months after the operation, she was shocked to realize she was pregnant!

“I remember lying in the bath – it was now January – and looking at my stomach and I really did look like I was pregnant. I still looked pregnant when I tried to suck my tummy in. I also had heartburn and the only time I had heartburn before was when I was pregnant with Harrison. A friend who had recently had a pregnancy scare had left one of the kits at my home, so to remove all doubt, I took the test.”

She was then rushed to a hospital where doctors confirmed the pregnancy and had to form a plan of action. Because of the endometrial ablation, both the mom and baby were in danger — Paula risked bleeding to death, suffering from a collapsed womb, or rupturing her placenta, while the baby was at risk of oxygen starvation.

The thankful mom admitted, “I found out later that if the pregnancy had been discovered earlier, all the advice would have been to terminate it. I was told that Lennon had attached himself to a muscle in my womb.”

Paula began experiencing contractions after a routine check-up on Mar. 24 and was immediately rushed to the hospital again! Luckily baby Lennon was delivered healthy by caesarian section, although six weeks early, and spent several weeks in the Special Care baby unit. After delivery, Paula’s womb collapsed and doctors had to performed a hysterectomy.

Hospital staff made sure to tell Paula how truly lucky she is and Paula is thrilled to be a mom again, adding, “Perhaps it was fate I did not discover I was pregnant earlier, as Lennon might not be here today. He really is a miracle.”

–Brooke Peoples


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