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IVF Couples Advised: ‘Don’t Try For Twins & Triplets!’

Fri, May 13, 2011 4:21pm EDT by 1 Comment

Moms are risking their lives and the health of their babies by trying for twins and triplets during fertility treatment.

Experts want IVF couples to reduce the number of embryos they implant, in a bid to dramatically slash the rate of stillborn babies and infants born with eye and brain damage.

Doctors have traditionally implanted multiple embryos in moms undergoing IVF, because it increases the chances of successful conception.

But it also increases the chance of multiple births, and experts are concerned that a half of all twins and 90 percent of triplets are born prematurely.

Frighteningly, the risk of premature babies dying in the first week of life is around five times higher for twins and nine times higher for triplets than single babies.

Moms carrying multiple babies are also more likely to suffer miscarriages, anemia, hemorrhage, early labor and need a Caesarean section. Maybe this explains why IVF mom Celine Dion lost one of her triplets last year.

Did you know all that HollyMoms? We didn’t!

Health chiefs in the UK are already pushing to drive down the number of embryos implanted — and have seen a reduction in the number of twins and triplets born to IVF moms from 24 percent in 2008 to 22 percent in 2009.

Researchers at the University of Montreal are now urging the U.S. and Canada to follow suit.

Keith Barrington writes in the Journal of Pediatrics: “If you by chance have a premature baby and are unlucky enough to have that child suffer with complications, that’s one thing.”

“But to actually have a procedure that increases the chance of that happening is something that should be changed.”

Do you agree HollyMoms? Have your thoughts and experiences with us below.

— Ian Garland

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