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Bonnie Says: Michelle Obama, Thank The Lord You Ignored Sarah Palin's Eat S'Mores Campaign- Your Body Is Amazing!

Thu, May 12, 2011 7:26pm EDT by HL Intern 9 Comments

Not only did Michelle Obama just prove once and for all in this new photo that she has the best toned First Lady arms EVER, but she has now shown us how to get them.

Check out Michelle’s one- armed pushup on the White House lawn — could Sarah Palin possibly do that? Betcha not! That’s why the former Alaska Governor must have been consumed with jealousy when she infamously attacked Michelle’s “Let’s Move” campaign against childhood obesity, on an episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

She mocked Michelle for rightfully encouraging parents to make healthy food choices for their kids, instead of feeding them so many high calorie snacks and dessert!

Sarah– who’s admittedly addicted to exercise herself — pulled out the makings for s’mores on an episode of her show and snidely said “this is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert.”

Well, Sarah’s never shown off her bare arms the way the First Lady has, and admits she isn’t doing Obama- style arm workouts. She told Newsweek her upper body workout mostly consists of snowmobiling. Meanwhile, Michelle has clearly NOT been overly indulging in dessert and has been weight training hard. In fact, she gets up at 4:30 am to do it.

“I do treadmill, some jump rope, some kick-boxing and weights,” the First Lady told Oprah.

Clearly, as she demonstrated here, she also does pushups- A LOT of pushups!

So, if you want your arms to look as toned as the first Lady’s, get ready for cardie, weights and pushups. Do it so you can go arm to arm with Mrs. Obama! Yay!

–Bonnie Fuller