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Meredith And Derek's Adoption Is Going To Hit Some Bumps In The Road On 'Grey's Anatomy'!

Thu, May 12, 2011 6:00pm EDT by Add first Comment reveals all is not smooth sailing for Meredith and Derek’s adoption plans! Will they have full custody of their baby before this season ends?

Ellen Pompeo spoke out today on The View about Meredith and Derek’s decision to adopt a baby on Grey’s Anatomy. But as recently revealed, the adoption will be a difficult process for the couple, whom recently married in an attempt to improve their adoption application.

On the show, Derek has fallen in love with a baby brought over with the rest of the African patients, as part of Alex Karev’s good deed to try to impress the Chief. Meredith’s infertility issues have prevented Mer/Der from having a baby following her unfortunate miscarriage in last year’s season finale.

“The adoption journey doesn’t end this season,” creator Shonda Rhimes confessed to Michael Ausiello. “Just because someone decides they want to adopt a baby doesn’t mean they just then suddenly and magically adopt that baby. It doesn’t work that way.”

Shonda understands this process from her personal experience with adopting. “As an adoptive mother myself, I didn’t want to portray it as a super-easy process that magically fixes itself.”

We respect Shonda’s desire to accurately portray the stumbling blocks a couple can encounter when adopting a child. That said, as Mer/Der fans we hope they ultimately get the baby they’ve been wanting all season! Check out the sneak peek for tonight’s episode below for a look at a few problems Meredith is venting about to Derek.

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