Ellen Pompeo: I Fought For Mer/Der To Adopt An African Baby On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Thu, May 12, 2011 1:12pm EST by 4 Comments

Ellen Pompeo speaks about the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and explains why she fought for characters Meredith and Derek’s adoption of an African baby

Ellen Pompeo is making the rounds promoting the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, which airs a week from today. She sat down with the ladies of The View to chat about the finale, and revealed she fought hard to make the storyline of Meredith and Derek adopting an African baby happen.

As Grey’s winds down, we recently saw Meredith (finally!) officially marry Derek in the hopes of making themselves better candidates for an adoption. Derek fell in love with one of the babies Alex Karev brought over from Africa, and since Meredith has had fertility problems the couple decided to start the adoption process.

Ellen says she fought for this storyline, and it’s the first time she’s fought for anything on the show. (She also revealed Sandra Oh often fights for stories, which is very Christina Yang of her). Ellen explained that she knows adoption is a topic close to many people’s hearts.

The actress confessed she’s still “shocked” by how much the show affects people’s lives. This is why she felt she had a responsibility to properly portray the adoption plot. “We really have to tell this story right […] We have to be strong, we have to show hope […] We have to offer something to people who are relating to this […] There’s got to be a strength brought to thie issue.”

Whoopi Goldberg asked Ellen if there was any racial backlash from Mer/Der being white parents to a black baby. “No one can say anything to me because I had a baby of color,” replied Ellen, mother to Stella Luna, her daughter with husband Chris Ivery. When asked about white parents adopting black children, the conversation started getting a little heated. “The separation doesn’t get us any closer to anything,” Ellen retorted, adding that the NAACP Awards shouldn’t exist, there should just be a “Peoples’ Awards”.

Ellen didn’t give much else away about the finale, she just explains that something happens that is a repercussion of a previous episode, presumably referring to Meredith messing with the Alzheimer’s trial.

Are you glad Ellen fought for the adoption storyline? What do you think of her comments? Sound off below!

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Posted at 8:09 PM on May 12, 2011  

She said that we really need to get to a place where we dont need to be separated. I agree with her. However we ARE NOT there yet.

Right now, some people can’t even believe that a black man could have even graduated from Harvard and are demanding to see his transcripts.

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Posted at 1:51 PM on May 12, 2011  

ADORE ADORE Ellen Pompeo Today she made me fall in love with her much much more if that was even possible
And I totally salute her for saying there shouldn’t be awards like NAACP She wasn’t undermining or disrespecting the awards any which ways but what she meant was people should stop categorizing people as black or white straight or gay these are all freaking IRRELEVANT The fact that we have separate categories to enlist ourselves into is what adds to racism homophobia and the likes. until and unless we ourselves start seeing our owns elves and everybody out there as ONE nothing can happen there can’t ever be a change. What needs to change is our mindset, I mean why do we even think that oh she is married to a black man. will we think this same thought if she was married to a white man? No we wouldn’t even notice the color of her husband then but because her husband is black we have to make it an issue. same for the baby how in the name of hell does it matter what color the baby is, would we notice the color if it were white? This this thought process is where the difference lies and first and foremost THAT is what needs to change. We just need to obliterate everything else and start seeing people as PEOPLE

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Posted at 1:28 PM on May 12, 2011  

Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy) said this morning on The View that there should not be an NAACP awards or any more Historically Black Colleges and Universities because they just “keep us separate.” No my dear, that would be racism that keeps us separate. No offense, but just because you are married to a rich black man does not qualify you to speak on such matters. IMHO

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Posted at 7:40 PM on May 12, 2011  

Her comments were offensive… NAACP is needed.

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