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Alexandra Says: How I Found Out The Sex Of My Baby — OH BOY!

Thu, May 12, 2011 5:12pm EDT by Add first Comment

The occasional surprise that sparkles in the form of jewelry is A-OK with me, but I did not need any additional surprises when it came to the pregnancy and birthing experience. It was time to find out the sex of my baby!

While some couples choose to wait until the moment their baby utters their first cry in the delivery room to find out the sex, I on the other hand, thought the experience of an 8 pound baby making its way through a tunnel the fraction of its size sufficed as all the “surprise” I could take. My husband and I decided to find out early….

The anticipation was all consuming, but when I was told I was having a boy, the shock of it almost made me well up in tears. How could this be? I just wasn’t prepared for this! After all, my mother only had girls, my grandmother only had girls, her mother only had girls and so forth. I was sure I was having a girl!

The world I had envisioned filled with ballet classes, Barbies, pink ribbons, and pretty little things was replaced with the idea of trucks and trains, loud noises, farts and a whole lot of mess.

But when I saw his little profile on the sonogram screen, my heart melted, the glassiness in my eyes turned to tears of joy….and I couldn’t wait for the arrival of my little Prince.

Tell me about your experience — did you find out the sex or wait until the big day?

–Alexandra Osipow

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