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Did Taylor Swift Diss Exes Joe Jonas & Jake Gyllenhaal For Hiding Their Relationship With Her?

Wed, May 11, 2011 3:24pm EDT by 8 Comments, Getty Images

Taylor Swift tells Ellen she doesn’t like hiding relationships. Was she taking a subtle dig at Joe and Jake?

Taylor Swift has had many a relationship in the public eye and she hasn’t been afraid to sing about her exes. On an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing today, Taylor speaks to Ellen about living out relationships in front of everyone, and admits she doesn’t agree with people who think they should hide their romance. Do you think she’s referencing both Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal who wanted to keep their relationships with her private?

“If somebody wants to hide a relationship or has privacy issues then we don’t have the same viewpoint. For me, it’s just like live your life. If people happen to take picture then you know, you laugh about it in the car afterwards,” Taylor told Ellen. The singer was on the show promoting her new single “The Story of Us”.

When Taylor dated Joe, he consistently denied the two were dating. Once he split up with her via a 27-second phone call, she let loose to the media about Mr. Jonas. With Jake, Taylor was photographed with him out on dates in Brooklyn during their brief relationship. But things got more heated when the duo called the cops on paparazzi following them. Jake subsequently broke up with Taylor, reportedly because he was anxious about how public their relationship was.

Do YOU think Taylor was insulting Jake and Joe for wanting to keep their relationship private? Watch the video and let us know in your comments!

Lorena O’Neil

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