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Nene Leakes to Ellen: 'Celebrity Apprentice' Was A 'Toxic Situation For Me!

Wed, May 11, 2011 4:20pm EDT by 7 Comments

Nene sticks to her guns on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ about why she had to bow out early.

Some Celebrity Apprentice fans might have thought that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes, took the easy way out by quitting the show before Donald Trump had a chance to say “You’re fired!

Even though the show is a competition to raise money for each celebrity’s charity of choice, the temperamental reality star decided it still wasn’t worth her time to stick it out with her arch nemesis, Star Jones.

Things seemed to be smooth sailing when, at the beginning of the episode, Donald switched Nene and Meatloaf in an effort to avoid the drama. You would think that Nene would love that decision because that meant being on the same team as her friend LaToya Jackson, the only person ever to be brought back on the show after being fired.

Instead, she totally ditched her team without warning, leaving LaToya, John Rich and Lil’ John to fend for themselves in the challenge to put on a comedy show. Donald was NOT happy and eventually resorted to placing the phone call himself: “I’ve never called anybody but I’m calling you because I think you have great ability. If you quit, it’s going to follow you for the rest of your life. For you to quit at the end is stupid.”

Never one to back down, Nene told the camera, “I really feel that Star got her way. Mr. Trump bought into her bulls–t. I don’t have to stay with BS to raise money for my charity. The best thing for me to do is leave.”

It must have been difficult to hear the backlash from her former cast mates like John Rich, who said “Star ran her off and that’s so amateur. I cant say I have a healthy amount of respect for that,” or Donald’s final tirade, “You’re fired, and you’re a quitter, and Star Jones kicked your a** whether you like it or not.” Ouch!

But Nene insisted that she has no regrets about her behavior on the show — She told Ellen Degeneres she simply could NOT be around her teammate Star Jones, 49, any longer. “I don’t regret it. I felt very good about it.  I always do what my gut tells me to do,” explained the reality diva, “I’m a grown woman and nobody makes decisions for me.  I make my own decisions.  It was a toxic situation for me.”

Nene said although she could have used “better word choices,” she doesn’t even regret going off on a client while she was the team manager. She got the audience clapping because Star was fired at the end of last week’s episode, insisting that “Hollywood knows” the truth about Star. Maybe Nene got the last word after all!

–Brooke Peoples