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'Glee' Recap — A Boy Is Crowned Prom Queen & Someone Dies! Who Will It Be?

Wed, May 11, 2011 8:28am EDT by 20 Comments

‘Glee’ failed to deliver on the big prom episode, but next week comes the big death everyone has been talking about!

Glee, after a block of some very solid episodes, managed to be a total letdown as the kids did prom. The plot lines were ridiculous, the story muddled and please, please NEVER cover an Adele song again — no one is ever going to sing it better than she does! Also, someone it seems is going to die on prom night — but who?

Let’s start with Kurt (Chris Colfer), who after a few weeks being more background found himself the focal point of the episode. he wants to go to the prom in traditional Scottish garb it appears, an homage to the Royal Wedding, much to the dismay of his father and Blaine (Darren Criss). Striking down his Pippa Middleton dreams however, both father and boyfriend advise Kurt against it, though their plea falls of dead ears and Kurt, McKinley High’s new Prom Queen, rocks the pleated kilt.

Speaking of the Prom Queen victory, Kurt’s King is none of than Karofsky (Max Adler), his closeted tormentor turned confidant. A week after so beautifully handling and writing Santana’s (Naya Rivera) coming out, Glee kind of blew it with this whole tory line. Kurt advising Karofsky to come out as he went to take the first dance? Ridiculous.

Also ridiculous, Rachel (Lea Michele) and Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) big fight scene. Where did that come from? And having Jesse (Jonathan Groff) randomly appear? Come on guys.

Now let’s get to the death. At this point my money is on Karofsky doing something in his embarrassment and shame, Kurt’s dad having another episode or Blaine suffering some freak accident. The main cast is safe we know as they were spotted filming in NYC just a week ago, though another bet could be Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). Does Jane want off the show to pursue her acting?

Who do you think will die?