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Unborn Babies Given Weight Loss Drug To Prevent Them From Getting Too Fat!

Wed, May 11, 2011 1:14pm EDT by 6 Comments

Doctors claim fat moms-to-be are making their unborn babies overweight and unhealthy.

In a new medical trial, pregnant women who are particularly obese will be given a weight loss drug to slim down their babies-to-be. Whoa. Is this too drastic?

“It’s about trying to improve outcomes in pregnancy for women who are overweight,’ explains Dr. Andrew Weeks, who’s leading the trial.

The program is being rolled out in hospitals across the UK, and will involve 400 women over the next three years.

The moms-to-be will be given diabetes drug Metformin to reduce the levels of blood sugar passed onto their babies in the womb.

Dr. Weeks hopes the trial will cut down pregnancy complications, such as pre-eclampsia, which are common with obese women and overweight babies.

Does this seem too extreme HollyMoms? It’s certainly upset some weight loss groups.

Alison Wetton, CEO of All About Weight, says, “The fact that the widely-used diabetes pill, Metformin, is being trialed to prevent obese babies being born to overweight mothers is disturbing to me, and I am sure most other women as well.”

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— Ian Garland

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