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Should You Take Your Ex Back If He Says He's Changed Like Arnold Schwarzenegger Has?

Wed, May 11, 2011 1:45pm EDT by Add first Comment
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Should Maria Shriver take Arnold back now that he’s playing at being a good husband?

When it came to husband Arnold Schwarzenegger’s womanizing ways, Maria Shriver had had enough and, after 25 years of marriage, decided to leave him. But the former California governor is now trying to woo his wife back under the promise that he’s ‘changed.’ Should she believe him?

Although she famously stood by him in 2003 after reports of his bad sexual behavior on movie sets surfaced, Maria decided to move out of the couple’s Brentwood, Calif. home recently. Ever since deciding to pursue a film career comeback, he had been acting “unstable”, says TMZ, and she had had enough.

However, the website says that Arnold is “working extremely hard” for Maria’s love and “could not be sweeter now that she’s left him.” The two even celebrated Mother’s Day and Easter together, and spent their 25th anniversary shacked up in an expensive hotel. His plan to play nice seems to be working — but should it?

Although TMZ says Arnold is doing his best to get his wife back, they don’t give specifics and tell us how he is attempting to do this. Maria’s religious views make a divorce very hard on her, and after 25 years of marriage, she couldn’t have come to the decision to leave him easily.

But people don’t change in a day, and if they’re confronted with losing something they love, they might fight for it until they have it back — but it’s very possible they’ll relapse to their old ways again.

The two need couples counseling, and he needs to make more of a conscious effort to be a better husband. If he really wants her back, he’ll make the strongest effort he can and if she believes he can change and he proves it, only then should she take him back. Sometimes it’s easier to be happier alone than it is to repair and fight for something that’s damaged beyond repair.


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