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'16 And Pregnant' Recap: Danielle Has To Pick Between Her Mother & Boyfriend!

Wed, May 11, 2011 2:24am EDT by 1 Comment

Danielle has to deal with a labor scare, failing school, and keeping her relationship alive while being a 16-year-old mother!

The last thing Danielle’s mother wanted was for her 16-year-old daughter to follow in her footsteps and be a teen mom. Despite countless lectures about birth control and the hardships of raising a baby at such a young age, Danielle Cunningham found herself pregnant at 16 after dating her on-again off-again fiance, Jamie Alderman, for just a few months. When the reality of the situation hit, Danielle realized her mother was right and that being 16 and pregnant was harder than she could have ever imagined.

Danielle and her mom have always had a rocky relationship, and as she got older she was constantly getting in trouble by skipping classes and hanging out with the “party” crowd. In attempt to straighten her out, Danielle went to live with her grandma and that’s when she met Jamie. Just after a few months of dating, their relationship was put to the ultimate test when she found out she was pregnant.

When Danielle went into labor and opted for an epidural, the baby suddenly stopped breathing so they had to suction him out. Fortunately, Jamie Jr. was born in perfect health, but Danielle was faced with the conflict of choosing between her mom and Jamie. Danielle decided to move out of her mom’s house and in with Jamie’s family so that he could be an active part of his son’s life.

Unfortunately, Jamie had to get a new job that kept him working 10 hours straight so he never helped out with the baby. The couple started fighting, and under the stress  of raising a baby all on her own, Danielle found herself failing online schooling. In the end, she decided the best choice was to move back in with her mother, so she could get her schoolwork in order so that one day she could provide all the best things for her baby son.

Overall the episode was pretty uneventful! Both Danielle and Jamie were dull and their fights didn’t hold a candle to some of the baby daddy drama we’ve seen before. But according to and some of Danielle’s social networking sites, she isn’t as quiet as she came across. On her Facebook page she has self-shots of herself flipping off the camera, she tweeted about being suspended for starting a fight, has a profile page with marijuana insignia, and she is a fan of resident Teen Mom bad girl, Jenelle.

On her Formspring she said her biggest fear was, “that my past will come out if i end up having a good show , cause i know how tabloids are … :/”

Jamie also doesn’t have the perfect record — he was arrested twice for assault and disorderly conduct charges in 2010. Even though she is a teen mom, Danielle feels having a baby changed her life for the positive. While all her friends continue to get in trouble, she is determined to get her life in order so she can provide the best for her baby.

Tell us what you thought of the Danielle’s episode of 16 and Pregnant. Did you think it was boring or did you like Danielle?

Nicole Fukuoka

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