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Kirstie Alley Is On a 1400 Calorie-a-Day Diet & Dances Five Hours A Day: Is This A Good Idea?

Tue, May 10, 2011 11:11am EDT by 1 Comment

Kirstie Alley falls during rehearsal and says she forgot to eat! Is it okay to be losing so much weight?

Kirstie Alley, 60, may have earned a score of ten on her Argentine tango, but not before falling flat on her face during rehearsals on Dancing With The Stars! Running on only 1400 calories a day to lose weight, could Kirstie be causing more damage to herself?

After losing over 60 pounds, Kirstie’s finally made it to a size six — but sometimes she goes through a day forgetting to eat! Going through long hours of intense exercise, lack of sleep, little-to-no food, is she really helping her body get in tip-top shape?

Kirstie’s partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy advises she should bump up her diet to 2000 calories. “He’s probably right,” she says. “Usually what I do to lose weight, I eat 1,400 calories, but I guess if I’m working out five or seven hours then you have to change it around a little bit.”

Celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler definitely agrees with Maks on 2000 calories as a minimum. She also stresses that Kirstie needs to focus on the kinds of calories she’s taking in. “She needs a lot of carbohydrates — good carbohydrates fuel her for the rehearsals but also for the performances.”

Extreme work-outs with crazy diets can cause a lot of damage to your body. “You’re still physically putting a demand on your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles,” says Kathy. “There are long term effects from over-use syndromes like disc damage to your back and joint damage.”

We’re getting a little worried about how quickly Kirstie’s waist size is shrinking. If she’s on an extreme work-out, her calorie count needs to be adjusted!

Do you think she’s taking her diet too far? Tell us!

— Amanda Chen