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Dying Mom, 25: Her Lessons In Life For The Daughter She's Leaving Behind. Heartbreaking!

Tue, May 10, 2011 2:07pm EDT by Add first Comment

When Katrina Hobbs was told she had just months to live, her first thought was her daughter Ella, and preparing the 3-year-old for a life without her mom.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, cancer-sufferer Katrina Hobbs, 25, set out compiling a life’s worth of birthday cards, video messages, poems and a dossier of life advice, to steer Ella, 3, through life’s pitfalls and hurdles, from beyond the grave.

Mom Katrina’s life took a heartbreaking twist when she was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of cancer, called Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma. Katrina first suspected something was wrong when she found a lump in her buttock, but she was turned away by nurses who told her to “stop being a drama queen.”

By the time she was properly tested, the cancer was terminal.

Agonizingly, Katrina, from Somerset, England, was three-months pregnant when the cancer was diagnosed. Doctors were forced to deliver her baby boy early, at 20 weeks, and he didn’t survive.

She tells the Daily Mail, “They said there was no guarantee that either me or the baby would survive if I didn’t have treatment.

‘The loss of my child was harder to deal with than the cancer itself as I had already felt emotionally connected to him.”

She then picked herself up and began gathering the huge legacy of love and guidance she plans to leave her daughter Ella when she dies.

“I know that when she is older she will face tough times and have problems and I know that I might not be there to protect her.

“She might be stressed or questioning herself or her sexuality, for example when she’s a teenager, so I’ve written to tell her not to worry if she’s feeling confused, that it’s natural and she will be OK. If she gets bullied I’ve written to say that it is probably because she is unique, and that she should celebrate that because it’s what makes her special.”

“I’ve bought cards for everything that will happen in her life, from passing tests to her first home, new baby boy, baby girl, for her wedding day.

“Ella is such an amazing girl. She has such a big personality. She says to me ‘We are best friends mummy and we will be forever’.”

What a devastatingly tragic story, and an incredibly brave mommy & daughter.

— Ian Garland


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