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Jenna Ushkowitz Talks About The Big Death Coming Up On 'Glee'! Exclusive

Tue, May 10, 2011 8:00pm EDT by 6 Comments spoke to Glee‘s Jenna Ushkowitz about the show’s impending death of a character. She says it will be “really, really sad” but “sweet”!

Glee fans’ imaginations have been running wild trying to guess which “beloved character” is about to die on Glee. We chatted with Jenna Ushkowitz at the Tyler Shields Presents Life is Not a Fairytale event in LA on May 7 and she spoke about her personal reaction to the death, and predicted how she thinks fans will take it.

“You know it was really, really sad,” confesses Jenna when we asked her how she reacted after filming the episode. “Any kind of death is sad and it brings you back to a place you don’t really want to go. So it kind of affects everybody. It was really hard but the episode is done really, really well.”

So how does she think the fans will handle the death? “It was really sweet and I think people will appreciate it. It was done in the right way. I think they’ll be sad but I think they’ll feel for the characters who will be affected by it. Any death, and especially on ‘Glee’ [since] you don’t expect something like that so for that to happen, I think you’re like ‘Oh, wow.’ I think fans will be shocked a little bit, and not expect anything at all […] I think fans will like it.”

On a brighter note, Jenna spoke about what was happening with Nationals. “Nationals, the big conflict is, do we do an original song or do we do a song that we’ve already don? We’re in New York the whole time. It’s kind of one of those huge spectacle episodes. It is totally fun, we shot in New York and it was amazing. We never expected all those fans! There were hundreds and hundreds of fans. We thought maybe thought a couple of fans would show up. We were shooting in all the cool places in NY. And it was a big episode.”

Is there anywhere else she’d like to shoot? “I always love Chicago. I don’t know where the next show will be. I have no idea what next season will bring. Chicago is one of my favorite places!”

Jenna was at the Tyler Shields photography exhibit (featuring Dyson Air Multiplier Fans and Monster Energy Drink) along with Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts, Zachary Quinto. She showed up with rumored boyfriend Michael Trevino, whom we spoke to about The Vampire Diaries. The actress had blood drawn (for the first time ever!) for a large painting of a heart, painted by Tyler out of multiple people’s bloods, and displayed at the exhibit. She mentioned her little black hat was inspired by the Royal Wedding!

What do you think about the upcoming death on Glee? Do you think you know who it is? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil

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