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Check Out What Justin Bieber Will Always Say Never To!

Mon, May 9, 2011 1:02pm EDT by 3 Comments

Justin may be a 17-year-old pop sensation with big aspirations, but there’s still something he says he’d never be willing to try!

Justin Bieber’s documentary about his rise to stardom, Never Say Never, may not be completely true! It turns out that there are things the teenage pop sensation will say “never” to!

In a recent interview for a New Zealand television show, Bieber confessed the one thing he’d never do is eat mushrooms!

“I would never eat mushrooms, I hate mushrooms!” said Justin.

Bieber is a world-wide superstar, but no matter how famous he becomes he will never be daring enough to try the edible fungus. We think it’s great that he is so willing to talk about his personal tastes because it makes him seem like a down-to-earth teenager who won’t indulge in vegetables! Watch the rest of the interview and tell us what you think! Do you think it’s weird the one thing that Justin Bieber will say “never” to is mushrooms?

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Nicole Fukuoka

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