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Summer Sun Protection Guide: Stay Safe Like Kendra Wilkinson Does!

Sun, May 8, 2011 10:30am EDT by Add first Comment

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month – stars like Kendra shine bright, but they know how to protect themselves in the sun. Find out how you can, too!

From sunscreens to moisturizers and beyond, we have you covered from head to toe! Keep reading to find out how to stay sun-safe this summer…

Moisturizers were enough for winter and early spring, but you need to do more when the weather heats up and the sun comes out.

Dr. Michael H. Gold, a Nashville-based dermatologist/dermasurgeon, has answer to the most-burning sun-protection questions.

I wear moisturizer with SPF 15 everyday — is that enough for the summer?
“Most dermatologists would recommend an SPF of 30 minimum – so this is a good start, but use a sunscreen as well.”

Should I try to find a moisturizer with a higher SPF, or do I need to wear a sunscreen too?
“Moisturizing the skin, especially in summer, is good. But we want moisturizer and a sunscreen – hopefully both will moisturize and provide sun protection.”

What if I have acne-prone skin?  Does non-comedogenic sunscreen really work?
“For the most part, yes. If it is non-comedogenic, it has no active acne-causing ingredients. This will be great for almost everyone who has acne, acne-prone skin, or even sensitive skin. However, it is not a perfect science – someone will be breaking out even with these labels.”

Why do I tend to feel greasy even with oil-free sunscreen on?
“Because most sunscreens have ingredients which, on certain people, make their skin feel oily — not much you can do about it. Use trial and error to determine which ones will not make you oily.”

What SPF should I be looking for?
“SPF 30 or above. If skin cancer or pre-skin cancer history is in your family, I usually recommend SPF 50 or above — plus broad-spectrum, covering UVA and UVB.”

Is the under eye skin more sensitive than skin on other parts of the face?
“In reality, no –although there is less subcutaneous tissue there in most people and therefore appears to be an area where one might need more moisture to make it look less aged.”

Is it safe to use sunscreen right around my eyes and if so, what ingredients should I be looking for in a moisturizer with SPF or a sunscreen that I am going to put near my eyes?
“It is safe to use sunscreen around the eyes — there is no particular ingredient that is better than another to use around the eyes. Many eye creams have antioxidants to help reduce potential sun damage and other moisturizing ingredients, which are useful as well.”

Do you think it is worthwhile to buy an eye cream/sunscreen combo?
“Yes — we need to protect the skin around the eyes — it is less “thick,” so therefore protecting the skin with sunscreen there can only be helpful. I do recommend SPF higher than 15 around the eyes, however I am not sure if there are many of those products out there. So I would use a combo if you want and then use whatever you can as well over it.”

How do you protect your skin from the sun? Give us your skin protecting tips and best sunscreen habits!

–Eden Univer

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