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'Audrina' Recap: Audrina Brings Mom To Big Meeting With Donald Trump & Lynn Kisses Him Three Times!

Sun, May 8, 2011 10:57pm EDT by William Earl 1 Comment

Audrina’s mom gets a little too cozy with Donald … was it completely inappropriate?

On this weeks episode of Audrina Audrina has a huge business meeting with Donald Trump that her mom Lynn Patridge just insists on going to with her.

“My mom is kind of a wild card and taking her with me to meet Donald Trump talking business, I was a little nervous about her saying anything that could possibly ruin the meeting,” Audrina said about taking her mom the meeting.

But against her better judgement Audrina let Lynn tag along. The meeting went very well but Lynn couldn’t have made it any more obvious that she had a MAJOR crush on Mr. Trump, and even kissed him very close to the lips three times.

Lynn had these precious words to say about Donald, “I always thought no one that good looking could ever be that ballsy and successful … I believe he’s very handsome, he’s so down to earth I could imagine him crisp and fresh and good cologne and fresh clean clothes and just like bright eyes. Just a successful happy person.”

After the meeting, Audrina and her mom went to grab a drink at a local restaurant in NYC. Audrina commented on her meeting with “The Donald” saying, “I was nervous at first, and then once we walked in he was so kind and nice and he wasn’t intimidating at all I think it was just the idea of Donald Trump. but you meet him and hes such a good person.”

Also while getting a drink at the restaurant Audrian gets a call from Marie Claire about the interview she went on that week. They said that she had a spark and they would for her to be in the “Dress Code” section of the mag.

Meanwhile, the drama between Audrina’s mom and her sister Casey Loza has heated up. Casey said this about her stressed relationship with mom: “I definitely think that things can be different between me and my mom and I do wish that I could make her happy I guess, but I cant change my mom, all I could control is my reacton to it.”

The fighting reached it’s boiling point when Lynn invited Casey and her husband Kyle over for a family dinner. At the table, Casey mentioned possibly doing a cover of a tattoo magazine with Kyle and this infuriated Lynn. The topic of grandkids was then brought up and Casey said she wouldn’t want Lynn to watch her children. This ignites Lynn into a frenzy and Audrina has to calm her down and tell her to stop yelling. “Knowing the sort of things that my mom has the audacity to say to her own children, I dont like putting my familly in that line of fire,” Casey said about the topic.

Lynn is convinced that Casey’s husband Kyle is to blame for the bad relationship she has with her daughter, she adds “I think Kyle has influenced Casey against me it’s like he wants to isolate her because he has to be the center of attention” Audrina comments on the strenuous situation going on between her mom and sister saying, “the whole situation is such mess it’s spiraled down hill so much I don’t know how to go back up hill and fix this.”

Wow that episode was full of precious moments don’t you agree?! Tune in text week to see more of the Patridge family drama unfold on VH1 at 9pm!

— Gianna Mandarino