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Kat Von D Wishes Jesse James Never Compared Her To Sandra Bullock! Read Her New Rant!

Fri, May 6, 2011 2:35pm EDT by 5 Comments

Jesse should take a few pointers from Kat. Then maybe people wouldn’t think he’s such a jerk!

Fresh off Jesse James‘ disgusting interview, in which he told Howard Stern that fiancé Kat Von D is better in bed than ex-wife Sandra Bullock, Kat is speaking out about her hubby’s indiscretion — and surprisingly, she isn’t 100 percent behind him! “To me, love is the most sacred thing you could share with someone, and it isn’t up for discussion, or comparison,” Kat wrote in a Facebook note May 6.

“Supporting Jesse doesn’t require me agreeing with everything,” she also wrote. “I can still be his biggest cheerleader, and be proud, by allowing him to do whatever HE feels he needs to do.”

Kat feels that discussing private matters publicly “strips away what is truly sacred, and important in a relationship. Money, status, fame, sexual appeal, and sexual compatibility — these ‘qualities’ are the furthest things from what gives a person value.”