Will Kate Middleton & Prince William Hurt Their Marriage By Being Apart For 10 Weeks?

Wed, May 4, 2011 11:59am EST by 2 Comments

Kate and William will be spending a long stretch away from each other as newlyweds! So HollywoodLife.com asks The Love Consultants: Will this weaken their relationship — or strengthen it?

Kate Middleton and Prince William won’t be spending every second together after all — William has to travel to the Falkland Islands to complete his Royal Air Force helicopter  training. And Kate isn’t allowed to tag along. So HollywoodLife.com asks professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal if this will help or hurt the newlywed couple!

Matt’s Take:

My answer, is no — as long as William has Kate’s support!

When there are demands and responsibilities early in a marriage, it’s really important that there’s understanding and support from both spouses. In today’s world, work-related issues are common.

Of course, it’s a bit different when you’re looking ahead to becoming the future King and Queen! But William and Kate met while attending St. Andrews University, so the many years they have known each other give them the maturity to better handle the demands of royal life.

Being physically away from each other is never fun. Still, it doesn’t have to be a fatal blow. The pain of the distance can be handled by continuous communication. William and Kate are likely to spend a lot of time apart due to this career, and their every move will be in the spotlight.

It doesn’t sound easy. Yet, it’s all William knows. As a prince, he has the advantage of being able to support Kate through the ups and downs of royal duties.

All newlyweds are faced with the same scenario — work demands can force you to adapt pretty quickly after experiencing feelings of  “he or she is gone, and why am I alone right now? I’m a newlywed!'”

Sacrificing time with your spouse shortly after your wedding leads to a better future. You learn the power of understanding and acceptance.

And the good news is, in 2011, we aren’t ever truly “away” from anyone. I have a strong feeling there’s gonna be a whole lotta Skyping goin’ on between the royal newlyweds!

Tamsen’s Take:

Reality has hit the fairy-take couple of William and Kate. When you have to spend time apart from your new spouse, it’s serious and painful –unless you are prepared for it!

They are a few advantages William, 28, and Kate, 29, have. They are both older than Williams mother Princess Diana, who was only 19 when she married Prince Charles. She was such a young bride, and seemed totally overwhelmed on her big wedding day in 1981.

Kate and William were relaxed and in control. They’ve known each other for years and were well aware of what was expected of them, including the understanding that they’d face time apart.

Kate has been receiving counseling for a long period of time to prepare her for royal life and to help her cope with having a husband who must put crown and country before his marriage. Matt and I get many calls from newlyweds who are terrified of spending time apart so soon after their nuptials. The first thing we do is to tell them to stop worrying — and the second thing we do is tell them to start planning!

Being equal partners is a key element in a successful relationship, right from the start. Make sure you both are on the same page regarding career and work demands. While early separation isn’t the ideal scenario, there’s nothing wrong with it. Even if you’d only been married a couple of months and it’s your job that’s sending you off on a business trip, it’s not the end of the world. Think about it as an investment in your future.

Life and work are 24/7 these days, even if for a prince and princess! The goal is to avoid the depression and isolation that distance brings, and first step to combating those feelings is understanding.

Having understanding for your spouse is almost as important as love. William has said he and Kate started out as “just friends” before their romance developed. Together for more than eight years, they’ve learned to respect and understand each other — that’s the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Time apart, when well managed, only creates a stronger bond between a couple — it proves that the relationship is built to last!

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Posted at 10:32 PM on July 5, 2011  

that’s the dumbest thing i have ever heard. love knows no time, but patience..if i were to part from my bf for 11 years i’d stil love him the same

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Cheyenne Ard

Posted at 12:35 PM on May 4, 2011  

Of course they will make it. If they have proven anything its there strong bond an love for each other. I mean they have been together for 8 yrs an didnt get to spend every second of it together an its very easy to see it has made them a very strong couple. I love William an Kate<3!!

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