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Should You Try To Win Back The One You Love Like Brad Womack Is Doing?

Wed, May 4, 2011 3:46pm EDT by 4 Comments

Brad is trying to woo back ex-fiance Emily Maynard after she dumped him. Should he even try?

Emily Maynard may have dumped her Bachelor fiance Brad Womack, but he’s still holding out home that she’ll come back to him. But when your respective other calls it quits, is there even a point in trying to fix what was broken?

“I am very much in love,” Brad told Life & Style of his former fiancee, who dumped him over the phone because she suspected he was cheating.  He added, “I’ll be broken. I really will. So I hope it doesn’t get to that point.”

So Brad attempted to fix the situation and flew Emily from her North Carolina residence to his home of Austin, Texas. However, the trip didn’t go as planned. There was no emotion until the two were — get this — saying goodbye at the airport. Only then were there tears.

I think that fact alone says a lot. After a weekend of tension, they may have ironically realized that they were finally saying goodbye for good.

When you break up with your partner over a lack of trust, or a realization that you aren’t right together, or that you simply aren’t at the same point in your lives where you can give the other what they need, you need to realize that this is probably the end of your relationship for good. There are exceptions, but for the most part, you’ll need to close that chapter in your life and move on.

Emily isn’t going to suddenly one day wake up and trust Brad. She has her own trust issues, and that may have to do with how Brad has acted in the past, or it simply might be something inside of herself that she can’t control. Whatever it is, these two don’t appear to be made for each other. If Brad really does love her, of course he’s going to try everything in his power to get her back. I’m just saying there’s a good chance it’s going to be in vain, and he needs to accept that losing her might be his reality.


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