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'American Idol' Vs 'The Voice' — Which Do You Prefer? Vote!

Wed, May 4, 2011 8:52pm EDT by 44 Comments

‘The Voice’ is pulling in high ratings, but will it become more popular than ‘American Idol’? YOU decide?

The Voice is a popular singing competition so comparisons to American Idol are inevitable. Even Adam Levine brought it up last night (full recap here), saying, “The people we’re not turning around our chairs for, could win American Idol.” Don’t make the mistake of shrugging off The Voice as just another Idol-wannabe. Last night’s episode soared in the ratings , pulling in even bigger numbers than its super-successful premiere.

That being said, American Idol has proven itself this season as well. Despite the loss of Simon Cowell, Idol continues to be a top-watched series with new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Idol and Voice have big differences. Notable ones include:

  • How they choose their talent. The Voice pre-selects and allows professional singers while Idol hosts open auditions and doesn’t allow professionals to try out.
  • The Voice places emphasis on the actual voice of the contestants through blind auditions, while Idol does take personal appearances and performances into consideration. Who knows how this will change when The Voice progresses.
  • On The Voice the judges are actually coaches who select individual teams and individually help them throughout the process. The trio of judges on Idol are not particularly biased towards one contestant over another and they do not have teams.

There are many more differences of course, but essentially the shows do have the same goal in common: help America vote for their favorite singer who should win the competition.

But right now, it isn’t about the contestants. It is about the two shows going neck-and-neck! We understand it may be difficult to compare since Idol has many years on Christina Aguilera‘s new series but judging from what you have seen so far — which show do you prefer? Vote and leave your comments below!

Lorena O’Neil

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