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Osama Bin Laden's Death Raid Was Filmed! Will We Get To See The Tape?

Tue, May 3, 2011 9:27am EDT by 9 Comments

President Obama & other officials saw the entire raid. Will we, the public, ever get to see the footage ourselves?

In order for President Obama to ensure that Osama Bin Laden was really killed, he and his advisors watched the entire air raid on Osama‘s three-story mansion in Abbottabad, Pakistan, via cameras placed on the helmets of Navy SEALs. But will the media ever get their hands on that elusive tape? And does the public have a right to see it?

“Every news organization in the world is asking for it right now,” one journalist tells the New York Post. “And not one of them thinks it will ever see the light of day.”

But here’s some good news for those Holly-conspiracists still skeptical that Osama was ever killed in the first place: It’s likely we will eventually see a photo of his corpse. Of course, officials worry that even a picture could drudge up its own share of new problems.

“They want to prove that he’s totally dead … but they don’t want to release a picture that increases the chances that it will inflame the situation any more,” another news source says.

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