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Should You Put Your Career On Hold For Your Man Like Kate Middleton Is Doing?

Tue, May 3, 2011 1:32pm EDT by 3 Comments
Should You Put Your Career On Hold For Your Man Like Kate Middleton Is Doing?

Now that she’s a duchess, Kate plans on being a housewife for two years. Is it smart to give up your career goals for a guy?

Kate Middleton had a burgeoning career in fashion before she wed Prince William, but the newly dubbed Duchess of Cambridge isn’t thinking about work at all in the moment. In fact, she’s putting her life on hold to play housewife to her hubby!

According to a source cited by the Daily Mail, “Catherine will not be conducting any solo engagements [for the next two years] … Catherine wants to enjoy her time with William as a RAF wife. It’s so rare that someone in her position gets the chance to live as a normal wife and she intends to make the most of it.” The friend added that she also plans on taking time out to give birth to the next royal heir.

But is Kate giving up a part of herself to play wifey to William?

Unfortunately, Kate knew what she was getting into by marrying a future King of England. She knew the obligations and responsibilities that accompanied marrying into the royal family. She knew what she would have to give up.

However, most people are NOT Kate Middleton and married to dukes/princes. That means the rules are a little different. I would never suggest giving up your career, job or ambitions for a guy. What happens if you break up? You’ll have nothing to fall back on.

Plus, if your man really loved you, he wouldn’t ask you to give up something you love. Now that is some food for thought.


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