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Avery And Mark Will Go Face-to-Face Over Lexie On Grey's Anatomy! Exclusive

Tue, May 3, 2011 9:14pm EDT by 21 Comments

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams opens up about what’s next for the on-screen love triangle involving his character Jackson, Lexie and Mark!

Grey’s Anatomy‘s season is coming to a close and one big storyline that’s captivated fans this year is the Lexie-Mark-Avery love triangle. We spoke to actor Jesse Williams who plays Jackson Avery on the hit series and he revealed Mark and Avery will be going face-to-face over Lexie this season. He also spoke about whether Lexie and Avery or doomed!

We asked Jesse whether he thinks Avery and Lexie are doomed in their relationship, which bloomed late this season after their friendship turned into something more. “I don’t think they are doomed, that’s a little strong. I think that Jackson made a decision these last two seasons to really bear down and focus on his work. You notice that he has not been romantically involved with anybody because he’s in a new home, in new place, and there’s the shooting he loses two of his close friends, it’s like starting over, starting over, starting over. And then he can’t resist and he’s developed a real relationship and attraction to Lexie, that began platonically,” explains Jesse.

But what about Lexie rebounding from her bad split with Mark over his impregnating Callie? The musical episode showed she still clearly had feelings for Mark, even though she ended up going home with Avery. Jesse says, “So he put his neck out at maybe a bad time because she’s obviously wrapped up in something that is pretty serious that is then wrapped in something even more serious. So it is not ideal timing and he’s aware of that. He’s made that clear to her and she’s made a commitment to him. Especially with the fast forward episode we had last week, we’re months into this relationship, so I don’t think he’s doomed.” However the actor admits it’s not all smooth sailing for Avery/Lexie lovers. “There’s absolutely some decisions that have to be made […] but we will find something out I think this season.”

Jesse also revealed that Mark’s not exactly an innocent bystander in all of this drama. “I kind of hope [Mark gets in the way], I think that’s an interesting story. I think their relationship is a very interesting one. I can totally separate myself from that and I like watching it. I like Jackson and Lexie together as well so I don’t see why [Mark] wouldn’t get in the way in some form. It could just be with her. [But also] two guys working in the same place everyday … why wouldn’t they deal with it? What I can say is that Jackson and Mark have a face to face.”

Yay!! We can’t wait to see what goes down between the two gorgeous guys fighting over little Grey. What do you guys think of the love triangle? Are you Team Mark or Team Avery?

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Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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