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'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Nene Leakes Takes Her 'Wrath' To A New Level!

Sun, May 1, 2011 11:26pm EDT by William Earl 6 Comments

Nene’s goal from the beginning of the episode is to f*** Star up! Does she or doesn’t she?

After LaToya Jackson was sent home last week on Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice, tensions are running high on the women’s team, especially between Star Jones and Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene Leakes.
This week the task is to produce a live hair show using Biosilk and Chi products. On the line? $40,000 to the project manager’s charity of choice. Lil’ John is the leader for the men’s team which now includes him, John Rich and Meatloaf. Star suggests that Nene manages their team, to which Nene completely freaks out and tells Star to “bring her street game,” because she doesn’t feel that Star should have the right to suggest anything. Marlee Matlin and Hope Dworaczyk look away in embarrassment.

The men’s team pulled a sneaky move and called ex-Celeb Apprentice co-star, Nikki Taylor to be a part of their hair show, thinking that it would shock the women’s team to see her come back. The women’s team comes up with the slogan “shake your beauty,” aka your hair. Company exec Farouk Shami tells Nene to “surprise him” with something over the top.

Lil’ John is lovable as he takes his hair models through Lord & Taylor to pick out their clothes and he chants “yeah I’m a pimp, I’m a pimp!” Meatloaf has his own a appeal when he toots his own horn for his talent in lighting.

Marlee and Hope look forward to a drama-free day as they head to Lord & Taylor themselves. Hope points out that it’s difficult not only to support someone as crazy as Nene, but also to be in a department store and not shop for herself!

The best line of the show: Nene is mad at Star for no particular reason and says to the camera, “Star, you are an evil, fat lady.  You might have lost weight on the outside but your brain is still fat.” Love it! Why can’t people let go on Star’s weight loss? Almost as awkward as Trump very weird comment last week!

The women’s team is NOT happy to see that Nikki Taylor is back and working with the men’s team, but naturally Nene assumes it is a conspiracy by her teammates to try and sabotage her as project manager, which of course it’s not.

Marlee looks hot on stage during the women’s team presentation and Farouk seems more than pleased, smiling ear to ear. When Hope walked out, however, Nene said she looked stupid and “like big bird.” She already admitted that she’s totally over being the team model and it is very obvious in this challenge.

Meatloaf expresses that he is less than pleased with Lil’ John’s presentation technique, but ultimately all that matters is what Trump and the company execs think. They have the celebrity presence, but it’s hard to understand the ‘mardi gras’ theme at the end of the segment, especially when their slogan was simply, “Feelin’ good in America.”

During the meeting with Donald and Ivanka Trump, Nene predictably calls Star a disloyal backstabber and monopolizes the conversation. The whole scene is painful to watch and accomplishes nothing other than showing Nene has a temper worthy of earning her a spot on Real Housewives. Negative review: Nene was weak as an MC and the stylists ran the show instead of the team.

Country star John Rich, who never takes off his enormous cowboy hat, said he believed that their team was very strong this week. Ivanka remarks on the fact that Lil’ John seemed very “laid back” the night before the show (i.e. he was drinking wine,) but he defends himself by saying that he pulled it off and nothing is ever worth getting stressed out about. Negative review: didn’t highlight that the products stand for safety and lack ammonia.

The winner this week is the men’s team! And the United Methodist Children’s Home gets the $40,000 check!

There’s a twist this week though, and Donald allows LaToya to rejoin the show after she pleaded with him earlier to let her rejoin. Donald has never allowed this before in 11 seasons of the show and claims he will “never do it again.” The catch is that she will join the men’s team and is asked to throw someone under the bus on the women’s team. Luckily for Nene, LaToya and her are besties and LaToya says that Star is evil as well. It’s anyone’s game!

**Celebrity Apprentice was interrupted for an important announcement from President Obama that Osama Bin Laden had, in fact, been killed as the result of U.S. military action.**

In the final board room meeting, Marlee was allowed to leave first while Star and Hope tried to make a case for firing Nene. Donald doesn’t like weaklings, however, so he chose to fire the team’s least competitive member. He told Hope, “you’re fired.”

–Brooke Peoples