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Can Prince William & Kate Middleton Make It Work Despite Being In The Public Eye?

Fri, April 29, 2011 11:45am EDT by 3 Comments

Will the newly married royal couple succumb to the pressure of constantly be stuck in the spotlight?

Firstly, may I say congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton, who officially became man and wife in the wee hours of the morning (in America, that is) today. Secondly, may I say ‘good luck’ — because they’re going to need it having a relatively normal relationship while being watched by the world!

William and Kate have a hard road ahead, but, truth be told, I think they’ll pull it off. I’m far more worried about Kate than I am Wills. He’s grown up being in the public eye, and, while he hated it when he was younger, seems to have made piece with his ‘lot’ in life.

While playing the role of girlfriend and then fiancee, Kate was a perfect partner. She waved, she smiled, she was the perfect accessory while he made his speeches and did his good deeds. However, her nervousness at the wedding indicated she may not be as natural in the spotlight.

While giving her vows at the royal wedding, Kate’s voice shook. She looked like she was going to throw up. Then again, she was one of the two featured guests at the biggest event of this century. That’s got to do it to any girl, even if she is living out a real-life Cinderella story.

It won’t be easy, but my guess is that once she settles into the role a little, being in the spotlight will be as easy as one, two, three to Kate. It will take the pressure off of their relationship. The fact that they’re going to settle in Wales, which is relatively far away from the prying eyes of London, should also help.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation (you know, minus the prince), look at yourself in the mirror, make a stupid face that makes you smile, and hold it. A smile is the best defense against criticism, nerves and just about every other unsavory emotion in life. Look how often Kate Middleton does it and you’ll see what I mean…


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