Robert Pattinson Reveals The Truth: I Lied To Matt Lauer About Seeing A Clown Die At The Circus! Watch!

Thu, April 28, 2011 4:03pm EST by 6 Comments

When Robert Pattinson was on the ‘Today Show,’ he told Matt Lauer he saw a clown’s car explode at his first circus — but now he’s admitting he lied because he was tired! Do YOU find it funny or disrespectful?

Robert Pattinson certainly isn’t your average every day movie star. The 24-year-old British actor has an (at times) sick sense of humor and loves toying with the press. In a recent interview with Matt Lauer — one of the most respected hosts in the country — on the Today Show, Rob made up a weird lie and is now coming clean…sort of.

In an interview about Rob’s latest film, Water for Elephants, Lauer asked Rob about his experiences with circuses. Straight-faced, Rob replied, “The first time I went to a circus, somebody died…one of the clowns died.”

“Really?” Lauer asked, incredulously.

Rob just kept going…not sarcastically at all.

“Yeah, his little car exploded. The joke car exploded. Seriously. Yeah, everyone had to run out. It was terrifying,” he said, adding, “It was the only time I’d been to a circus.”

Lauer kind of stared at Rob, dumbfounded. “What a bizarre way to start the interview,” he said.

Flash forward a couple weeks to the premiere of the film in Germany, where Rob was interviewed before the movie began. The host asked Rob about his traumatic circus experience and he chuckled.

“I said those things. But I actually made the whole thing up,” he admitted. “It’s coming back to haunt me. I said it on some show. It was really early in the morning the day after the New York premiere. Someone asked me what my experience with the circus was and I was like, I have nothing interesting to say.”

He added, “I don’t know why I said that!”

All of us at shared a good laugh about this, but we still can’t believe Rob lied to Matt Lauer on live TV. There was virtually no purpose! He might officially be the most random celeb in Hollywood…and we kind of love him for it!

Do YOU think it was funny Rob lied about a clown dying or was is disrespectful? Sound off below!

Kirstin Benson

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Posted at 1:57 PM on May 11, 2011  

he tries to be funny all the time because thats what he started and now must contuine to be its a cover for his lack of acting and poo pulling face its get me how this bloke can do no wrong in some peoples eyes he lied and should not but worst he lied over and over again rob you not fummy

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Posted at 11:07 PM on May 4, 2011  

Oh my gosh people give him a break! He makes one mistake and everyone immediately attacks him. @ becauseisaidso he may be a moron to you! But the way I see it is pathetic people like you that like to put people down are the bigger morons perhaps there is another reason why you put people down….maybe insecurity? And if he can’t act than he would have never made it to Hollywood than right? Shows how much you know!

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Posted at 4:05 PM on May 2, 2011  

Good Lord, this kid is an idiot… He’s not funny, he’s a moron. These teeny bopper girls think he’s cute, but if it were an older celebrity that pulled a stunt like this, they would be labeled as pathetic.

He’s not attractive, he can’t act, and he obviously can’t be trusted to speak in public. Tell me again why he’s popular?

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Posted at 5:41 PM on April 28, 2011  

I love Rob, but sometimes he goes too far with trying to be funny or interesting! I listened to him telling different versions of the clown story to different reporters (there is the Matt Lauer version; then another one where he said his sister told him she made the story up when he was 19; and on another version, he said his mother told him recently the clown didn’t die; now he comes clean-most likely because Kristen called him on it – she is a nonsense girl and clearly hates bull…) I wonder if even Rob knows what is real and what is not, anymore!

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Posted at 4:16 PM on April 28, 2011  

He can say whatever he damn well pleases! Haha! The biggest “lie” he told was that his nickname is ‘Spunk Ransom’. Some fans of his actually use it and he’s said it was a joke!

What a lol of a guy.

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Posted at 5:41 PM on April 29, 2011  

Swiftie get it right. He never said his nickname was Spunk Ransom. He was talking about his secret thought of being a rap star and someone asked what would u want to call yourself? he said “i dunno..something cool like Spunk…Spunk Ransom..yeah lol” He was joking around but the name took off cuz of the twilight craze.

Personally I think he speaks before he thinks….or if he even thinks at all before he talks. Celebs are wrung out from interviewing and filming etc. I think honestly there was no need for a million and one interviews to promote a movie. its ridiculous. Fans need to get lives and let these people live normally.

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