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Should You Be Worried If There Are Girls Hanging Around Your BF While He’s Out With His Friends Like Robert Pattinson Was?

Thu, April 28, 2011 12:00pm EDT by 2 Comments

Does Kristen Stewart need to be worried that a girl infiltrated Rob’s inner circle?

Inevitably there are always going to be girls who want your boyfriend — especially if that boyfriend happens to be Robert Pattinson. An attractive blonde was hanging out with R-Patz’s crew while he was in Germany for the premiere of his new film, Water For Elephants. Does his girlfriend and Breaking Dawn co-star Kristen Stewart need to be worried by this kind of female presence around her man?

An eyewitness spotted R-Patz and five pals, including the mystery blonde, dining at Bocca di Bacco, an Italian eatery in Berlin.They stayed until well after midnight and drank a bottle of red wine. K-Stew was not present.

Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that can kill a relationship. That said, does Kristen need to be jealous when there are girls sniffing around her boyfriend?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she needs to be jealous at all. She doesn’t need to demand that he tell her everything he does, including all of the specific people who are going to be there on any particular evening out. That’s called trust.

However, having 100% trust in any relationship isn’t completely intelligent. You can trust a man as much as you want, and should if you’re in a committed relationship, but there is always a slight margin of error for them to screw up.

No, Kristen shouldn’t be worried. Rob was with four guys; it wasn’t as if he was out with this girl alone. Nor should you be worried if your guy is hanging out with a group of people that includes a girl — unless that girl and he happen to be very, very close. Unless they’re texting all day long, or leaving each other cute messages on the other’s Facebook page. You may trust your man, but it would be foolhardy for you to trust the girl he’s hanging out with. You never know what she may have up her sleeve. As John Lyly once said, “The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war. “

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