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Bonnie Says: Hooray For Prince William & Kate Middleton For Transforming The Monarchy In One Fell Swoop!

Thu, April 28, 2011 7:20pm EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments

Princess Diana may have been shunned by her mother-in-law, the Queen, used by her husband, Prince Charles, to produce an heir and hounded by the press, but her son William’s marriage is proving that she triumphed after all!

That’s because, the love she doled out in giant doses to William in hugs, kisses, and trips to “normal” places like McDonalds, has had a lasting trasnformative influence, on the future of The British Monarchy.When William marries tomorrow, he will be the first British future Prince of Wales, to marry solely for love, right off the bat. Even his father Prince Charles was forced to marry a virgin- Diana- who he barely knew, out of duty, before finally marrying for love after a disastrous divorce.

Diana’s  heartbreaking royal life and tragic death has enabled William and Kate to modernize the monarchy.

Their new pre-wedding portrait says it all. Instead of a stuffy, formal photo with the pair in fancy evening wear, the pair are smiling, leaning in to each other in casual white shirts.

They look like any other attractive ecstatically happily engaged couple whose photo- might be in the The New York Times Wedding Section.

And what I have loved to see in the past week is Kate running to buy inexpensive last minute dresses, by herself, the pair deciding to write a heartfelt message of thanks to their guests at Westminister Abbey and around the world, Kate tootling around in her car, two days before the wedding, with her wedding vows in clear view in the backseat, and then getting out carrying a garment bag that may have well contained her wedding dress.

Kate’s casualness. Her refusal to act like a royal celebrity in the months before her marriage. Her obvious deep affection for William and his for her, will alter the royal family forever.

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Anyone who watched Best Oscar film The King’s Speech, saw how tormented Queen Elizabeth‘s father, King George VI, was by his cold and unloving childhood. Raised by nasty nannies, he had a distant relationship with his parents who never hugged and kissed him.

That was the royal way of parenting until William’s mother came along and insisted on playing with, bathing, reading to her sons and putting them to bed.

It’s because William had such a loving mom that he has chosen a women who is so much like her.

Diana was called the “People’s Princess” because she could relate to “normal” people, she liked them and wanted to help them. She lifted the stigma from AIDS victims by visiting them and holding AIDS- infected babies.

Everyone who met her was instantly struck by her wamth and relateability. There wasn’t a snobby bone in her body.

When William and Kate walk down the aisle, they will begin a highly personalized wedding service. Princess Diana will be honored immediately with the hymn, “Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer,” the final hymn at Princess Diana’s funeral.

Kate will no doubt wear her hair down because she wants William to “recognize her” and the pair appear to have written their own vows!

Can I just say- this NEVER would have happened 26 years ago when Diana married Prince Charles.

Twenty-six years ago no heir to the British throne would have been allowed to marry a non-virgin who he’d lived with on and off for years, whose parents own a “party favor” company.

Now that young woman will help William make the monarchy down-to-earth. Out will go the “stiff-upper lip” and the addiction to tradition.

In will come, a warm loving breath of fresh air. Tomorrow William and Kate will initiate a new era of the “People’s Prince and Princess!” Just you watch!

–Bonnie Fuller

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