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Experts Say Leah Messer Was Crying Because She's Mourning The Loss Of Her Marriage!

Tue, April 26, 2011 10:40pm EDT by Add first Comment

Psychiatrists weigh in about Leah Messer’s emotional struggle to confront her new life as a single parent.

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you’re a teen mom with twins. After six months of marriage, 19-year-old Leah Messer and her husband, Corey Simms, have called it quits — and the emotional stress may be too much for the young mother to handle. Experts explained to why Leah went through such an emotional breakdown when moving out of the house she once shared with Corey.

“She is going to mourn, the same way that any person would who is in a similar circumstance … it’s the death of a relationship,” said Dr. Jeff Gardere, a New York based Family Therapist and Chief Contributor to

When Leah gave birth to twins in high school, she had to sacrifice her friends, ambitions, and social life to be a mother to her daughters. Corey was all Leah had, and he was her major support system when it came to dealing with her daughter Ali’s  health problems. Ending a marriage is never easy, and it’s even more traumatic when kids are involved. Despite the couple’s ups and downs, they still loved each other, which makes the split even harder to deal with.

“She is in the public eye and she feels like a bigger failure because the world is judging her,” said Dr. Gardere.

Not only is her life falling apart before her eyes, but it’s also unfolding in front of America. Leah’s most intimate struggles are public knowledge, which only makes the failed marriage a bigger disappointment. The pressure of being a young, single mother to twins in the spotlight was just too much for Leah to handle, and that’s why she was in such a state of emotional ruin.

We hope that in time Leah’s wounds will heal and she will continue to be a strong female role model for her daughters. She already took a step in the right direction, by showing no matter how desperate a situation is, it is never okay to let yourself be taken advantage of in a toxic relationship. Tell us what you think — are you shocked Leah and Corey are enduring such an emotional split?

Nicole Fukuoka

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