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Milk's Not Enough For Callum — My Baby Boy Is Ready To Be Weaned!

Tue, April 26, 2011 8:30am EDT by 2 Comments

Babies have a knack of waiting until you’ve mastered their routine before changing the rules, developing a new box of tricks for you to learn all over again.

Callum recently found a novel way to tell his parents it was time to give him solid food — psychological torture.

A few weeks ago, I boasted how my baby son had started sleeping through the night. He’d learned to take on enough milk during daylight hours to enable him to sleep soundly until 7am, giving his mom and I some well earned slumber ourselves.

I knew it probably wouldn’t last, and It didn’t. Just a few days into his new very-sociable schedule, Callum started waking at 4.30am. Every night.

He’d need changing, of course. But that never usually bothers or wakes him.

Even he didn’t know why he was suddenly so awake and wide-eyed at such an awful hour. I could tell by the bemused look on his little face.

After a couple of nights, the 4.30 wake-up calls started to take their toll. Margaret Thatcher may have run Great Britain on a handful of hours’ sleep a night, but I’m no Iron Lady!

So, we tried everything and anything until we were left with the conclusion that milk was no longer enough to keep him going all night.

He’s been guzzling and gorging on the white stuff, but it’s filling up his bladder instead of his belly and causing the traumatic pre-dawn wake-up calls.

It’s not unusual for babies to start weaning at four months, so we consulted the experts and our handy manuals and started preparing him for his first ‘solid’ food.

I say ‘solid’ because there’s nothing particularly solid about what we’ve been feeding him.

It’s a sloppy mix of rice cereal and milk, followed by a dessert of pureed apple.

Callum was highly suspicious of this change of diet, particularly the baby spoon suddenly being thrust in his mouth. He’d only fed from the breast or bottle, so he’s had to learn this new grown-up technique and gobble down what we’ve offered up.

And he slowly has, managing a tablespoon or so at a time. Watch him in action the video below!

It’s a messy job and for every ounce he swallows, two or three are smeared around his mouth and another couple make their way onto whatever we happen to be wearing at the time.

But it’s starting to work. Those 4.30am wake-up calls have turned to more manageable 6/6.30 wake-up calls, which makes for a happier little baby and an ecstatic set of parents!

Don’t forget to follow Callum & his adventures on Twitter @CallumGarland

— Ian Garland

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