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'Glee' Recap — Can We Please Give Naya Rivera An Emmy? She Certainly Outshone Lady Gaga!

Tue, April 26, 2011 9:35pm EDT by 34 Comments

It was all about Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison in the beginning, then Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, but the best thing ‘Glee’ has done this season is highlight Heather Morris and the truly, truly Emmy worthy Naya — who made the much hyped Lady Gaga episode HER show!

Awards mean nothing to actors, just ask them! But after a season of recaps and endless praise it has become so clear that of every supporting female actor on a television comedy, my sincere, sincere apologies Jane Krakowski, Brie Larson, Julie Bowen, Gleek Heather Morris and Kaitlin Olson, Naya Rivera deserves an Emmy for her equally heartbreaking and hysterical work on Glee.

So often on television the lesbian plotline goes the way of objectification, but not on Glee. Rather, this week, we got to see a show follow through and show a confused young girl not turning her lesbianism into a punchline. What a remarkably refreshing concept!

Much credit must be given to the producers, who I have at times attacked for their seemingly calculated representations of diversity on the show, for developing the character of Santana perfectly. How lucky for them too that an actress as talented as Naya, and this girl is truly talented, is bringing the character to life. Santana’s talk with Karofsky (Max Adler) managed to be both funny and so spot on. Of course the popular teen sexpot would want to hide her sexuality behind a fake relationship while still yearning to find a means to express herself.

It is during episodes like this that the song and dance of Glee becomes almost tedious. Very few teen shows delve this deep into actual teen angst, My So Called Life is one of the few that comes to mind, but when Glee does it right it is remarkable. As much as Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) journey was deemed so lovely and applauded, it is Santana who is truly fascinating. Here is a young gay character who is hiding, but at the same time not the outcast. She is actually able to control her image on some superficial level, while still grappling with her hidden emotions.

So much more of the episode was wonderful, but as much as I would love to talk about it I prefer not to take away from the simple fact that this was, in basically two brief scenes — including Brittany’s (Heather Morris) support of Santana — Glee‘s best episode ever. Let all the bullies watch this! Even the scene between Kurt and Karofsky was great, but still not as real and accurate as the one between Santana and Karofsky. We’ve all been through high school so we all know this is true. And I in no way buy Santana’s claimed devious motives to be prom queen for her actions.

Did I mention I forgot this was the “Lady Gaga” episode?

Do you agree Naya is Emmy worthy HollywoodLifers? You best agree as, just like Santana: “The only straight I am is a straight up b***h.”

-Chris Spargo