'16 and Pregnant' Preview: Joshua Smith Ditches Jennifer Del Rio On The Side Of The Road!

Tue, April 26, 2011 5:54pm EST by 6 Comments

Jennifer and Joshua will bring so much drama to tonight’s episode!

The April 26 episode of 16 and Pregnant just might be the craziest episode ever! It features an incredibly controversial couple — 19-year-old Joshua Smith and 17-year-old Jennifer Del Rio — whose violent exploits have spilled into the press even before their first episode airs!

This clip from the show illustrates just how crazy the couple makes each other. While driving with their twins, Joshua becomes strangely enraged when Jennifer picks up a phone call from her mom. He berates her for being close to her, and the fight soon escalates, until Jennifer demands Joshua take her home. Things get heated when Joshua responds by calling her a “stupid-ass b***h,” and at that moment Jennifer decides she is done with the relationship. She asks him to take her and the twins to her house ,and then they argue if Jennifer will take them or not. Joshua responds by driving like a maniac and putting his free hand in her face, telling her to “Shut up!” repeatedly while accelerating.

Soon, Joshua pulls the car over on the side of the road — in the middle of nowhere — and Jennifer gets out. As she turns around to grab the kids, Joshua drives away aggressively, leaving Jennifer shouting that Joshua is kidnapping their children and he will go to jail.

This drama is so intense — we hope no one gets hurt!

– William Earl

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Posted at 11:05 AM on May 15, 2011  

what josh did was really wrong but they are his kids also and he should be able to see them to have them just as much as she gets to. Jessica and Josh are both acting really immature.

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Posted at 1:10 PM on September 25, 2012  

absolutely not! just because he is the biological father he certainly should not have the same amount of time together as jessica does…. if you had children with a man you fell in love with that turned out to be a skitzo would you still want him to take your kids? he is beyong immature and aggressive and violent. look how he treats his baby mother on TELEVISION, imagine how he would treat his children when no one is looking. i would never !

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Posted at 8:32 PM on April 29, 2011  

I would say the whole group is out of line. We are talking about children here and both Josh and Jessica were acting like kids. Clearly Jessica’s parents got what they wanted which was to push Josh until he broke playing the god cop bad cop routine. They had no desire to have anything to do with Josh. Why would they throw a fit about the kids having the fathers name? From Joshes perspective Jessicas parents were plotting against him first with the name thing, then convincing her not to marry him after she said yes. Jessicas father even goes as far threatening violence towards Josh. You think that tension wasnt felt by Josh? Josh is a punk kid with emotions all over the place and her parents look at him as the devil that impregnated their daughter. That’s it. In the end the parents got what they wanted – Jessica at home, Josh the enemy and out of the picture, and they the hero. I really felt sorry for Jessica because neither Josh nor her parents were being supportive. Notice how Josh’s parents were the only one focusing on Jessica and the babies rather than creating a competition of affection. In the end Josh broke, went out of line, no excuses. He wasn’t mature enough to suck it up and ignore Jessica’s parents until they gave up trying to get rid of him. He was what 16 – big surprise. The below post sums up basically the hostility and bias towards men – they aren’t needed and have no rights to their own children. Art least until they need the money. Jessica’s parents obviously felt this way. I will admit though that i can’t blame Jessica’s father for being angry. The show doesn’t go into much detail so for all we know there could have been earlier signs of Josh’s behavior which put them on point to get rid of him. That being the case I would be less judgmental of their behavior. It’s hard to really have a handle on all sides of the story in a short tv show. In summary they all acted quite bad. Josh lost his temper and got reckless. Jessica lost her temper and got violent as well. Jessica’s parents passive aggressively kept the tension going. it was all a big mess and in the end there will be another couple of kids without their father or caught in the middle of the drama for their whole lives.

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Posted at 9:11 AM on April 27, 2011  

At this airing the kids are only a couple of days old. And this guy drove away with them which removed all doubt that he is indeed an idiot. I did not see Jessica trying to forbid him to see or talk to his parents,yet, he wants to forbid Jessica from talking to hers. Josh is passive aggressive and wants to cut off all of Jessica’s avenues of escape….he wants to get rid off Jessicas parents because that is “her” support system. He wants to totally dominate Jessica and control HER parents. Let’s face it….her parents do not like Josh Hell, I don’t like him either, however, the parents did try to let him come visit the kids. What else did he want them to do….did he want them to kiss his big butt or something. Look at the from Jessicas parents perspective….the whole dynamic of their family has changed, thanks to to the decisions of both Josh and Jessica. Jessica will have a hard time now trying to finish school as all of these 16 and Pregnant girls. Now Jessica is as much to blame as Josh, however, Jessica has the support of her parents which does not mean they necessarily have to play footsey with Josh. Why did Josh not offer to take Jessica home with him after the kids were born? I can tell from this first episode that this is going to be a train wreck. Take heed girls, these are the guys that you will be stuck with for the rest of your life, because of you kids. It is only the lucky ones where the Father just goes away and never return. I have seen stuff like this happen in real life and it plays out just the same as it is on these shows. At least Jessica has the good sense not to battle with her parents over this…for now. I have seen in real life, the girls actually physically assaulting their parents over there no good boyfriend. Then, when the boyfriend dumps her, it is her parents, the ones she fought with, that have to jump in and help her out. When you are 16 years old….the only thing you know is how to be 16….that’s it. Jessica had two babies with a guy that if had not gotten pregnant, she would have parted ways with him eventually like teenagers do. The best thing for Jessica to do is to not interact with Josh anymore. And never ever go after him for child support, ever. He will be made to give a couple of dollars in support and the rights of a millionaire. Josh is lower than snake spit…Jessica came from a good family and she should try to do the very best she can to overcome all of this….HER PARENTS DON’T DESERVE THIS. The grandparents now have two grandchildren that I think they will defend to the deaths. The grandchildren are innocent victims in this.
Can’t wait for the next episode.

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Posted at 9:36 PM on April 26, 2011  

great show mtv they really know how to pick these winners

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Posted at 6:21 PM on April 26, 2011  

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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