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Kirstin Says: Did Kirstie Alley Samba Hard Enough To Earn Your Vote?

Mon, April 25, 2011 10:27pm EDT by 5 Comments

After shockingly landing in the bottom two last week, Kirstie Alley stepped up her game and shook her booty to Britney Spears’s ‘Baby One More Time’ — and she got my vote!

After a few weeks of unfortunate events, Kirstie Alley finally hit the nail on the head with her samba to Britney Spears‘s “Baby One More Time” during Guilty Pleasures week on Dancing with the Stars April 25, which earned her her highest score yet! The judges freaked out when they saw it and gave her a 26 out of 30. “You’re back!!” Carrie Ann raved. But how did everyone else fair?

Pretty darn well! I think the contestants enjoyed toying with their “Guilty Pleasures” tonight — and their enthusiasm certainly showed.

Romeo: Romeo and Chelsie’s waltz to “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic was beautiful — and they even kissed at the end! Per usual, Romeo was charming and his technique was nearly perfect, earning him the first 10 of the season. “I’ll say, Romeo DiCaprio. Your ship will keep going on and on,” Bruno raved. 28/30

Chelsea Kane: Chelsea and Mark’s quick step to “Walking on Sunshine” was precious. They both played geeks (complete with glasses!) and bounced around the stage in 1950s style outfits. “That was so bright and luminous, I’m getting a sun tan!” Bruno said. 28/30

Hines Ward: Hines waltz to Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” was lovely, but didn’t garner the 10s the way Romeo and Chelsea did. Bruno continued with his trail of great one liners, saying, “The performance was pure pleasure from start to finish. The chemistry you have with Kym, it really is flawless. You’re meant for each other, like two birds in love.” 27/30

Kendra Wilkinson: Kendra’s guilty pleasure was a return to her sexy stripping past and she actually did really well. Unlike in weeks past, it seemed she was comfortable in her skin and actually owned the piece. 25/30

Ralph Macchio: Ralph and Karina’s throw down to “Everybody Dance Now” was exactly that — a throw down. At one point the couple took a tumble and seemed confused. Let’s just say, it certainly wasn’t their strongest performance… 24/30

Chris Jericho: Despite picking Journey’s amazing “Don’t Stop Believin'”, Chris and Cheryl missed the mark completely with their tango. There was zero chemistry, the costumes were horrendous and they ended up with the worst score of the evening! 22/30

I hate to say it, but it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen Ralph shine and I fear he might be the next one to get the boot. Chris Jericho’s WWE fan base is huge — I have a feeling those people will carry him through the next few weeks.

What do YOU think? Did you enjoy tonight’s show as much as I did? Sound off below!