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4-Year-Old Gets Fall-Down Drunk From Alcohol Hand Sanitizer!

Mon, April 25, 2011 11:35am EDT by 5 Comments

Frantic mom Lisa Lilly rushed Taylor, 4, to hospital after discovering her so drunk she couldn’t stand up!

Lisa Lilly is now urging moms to check the contents of their handbags after finding the source of Taylor‘s hangover was a bottle of coconut scented hand-sanitizer!

“I noticed she couldn’t stand up and I got real scared,” Lisa tells ABC News. “I thought something’s really wrong here, she’s got a head injury.”

When doctors tested her, Taylor’s blood-alcohol level registered .14 — almost double the drunk driving limit for adults!

With the help of investigators, Lisa searched her family home for the booze little Taylor had binged on — and discovered the culprit was a bottle of 68 % alcohol Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer.

Attracted by the sweet smell and a picture of a cupcake on the label, Taylor confused it for a treat and swallowed it all down.

Taylor has made a full recovery, much to the relief of her panic-stricken mom, who says, “I am so thankful today. ‘I got lucky, I got really lucky.”

And she warns moms to be wary of what’s in their handbags! “Probably half the population of moms can open their purse right now and they have that (hand sanitizer) in their purse.”

— Ian Garland


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