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Pregnant Mom Survived On Big Macs — She Was Allergic To Everything Else!

Mon, April 25, 2011 3:15pm EDT by Add first Comment


And all those yummy burgers led to one big baby — a 10-pounder to be exact!

When Suzanne Franklin, 23, learned she was pregnant, she wasn’t worried about gaining weight or figuring out a birth plan. All she was concerned with was how she would nourish the child growing inside her, considering extreme food allergies. Solution? McDonald’s Big Macs!

Doctors warned Suzanne and her partner Paul Wilson, 27, that pregnancy would make her allergy symptoms worse and that she was not allowed to use antihistamines. But she knew she wasn’t allergic to McDonald’s burgers, so she decided to eat one every day throughout her entire pregnancy! And, no worries, those burgers sustained the baby just fine. Harry was born weighing 10lbs., 2 oz.!

“All those burgers definitely didn’t do him any harm. It was the only thing I could eat safely during my pregnancy, so I just lived on them,” Suzanne explains to the Daily Mail. “When Harry was born and the doctors told me that he weighed over 10Ib’s I just couldn’t believe it. I was worried that I wasn’t getting enough nutrients for me and the baby – but Harry definitely proved that wrong.”

When Suzanne was 2-years-old, she went into anaphylactic shock after eating a chocolate covered peanut. It was determined she was highly allergic to nuts, but that wasn’t all. After eating a kiwi her throat closed, leaving her unable to breath. Same thing happened when she ate a strawberry.

“Tests showed that I was allergic to eggs, tea, alcohol, rice, oils, fish, and all fruit and vegetables,” Suzanne reveals. “I became absolutely terrified of eating, as I just seemed to be allergic to everything. For weeks I just lived on bread and water, and I dropped two stone in weight.”

But soon enough, she discovered she could eat Big Macs — without cheese or lettuce. So, she used that diet during pregnancy and voila! Baby Harry was born happy and healthy.

Sadly though, Harry is showing signs of inheriting his mother’s allergies — he is already allergic to seven different types of milk!

“I had hoped that Harry wouldn’t be allergic to all the foods that I am, but it looks as though he may have inherited some of them,” Suzanne explains. “But at least he won’t be allergic to burgers.”

–Leigh Blickley


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