'16 And Pregnant' Star Alleges His Baby Mama Got Pregnant To Be On MTV!

Sun, April 24, 2011 2:30pm EST by 6 Comments

Joshua Smith says Jennifer Del Rio dreamed of television fame — could this get any more disturbing?

The April 26 episode of 16 and Pregnant features an oft-fighting couple, 19-year-old Joshua Smith and 16-year-old Jennifer Del Rio — and Joshua’s most recent comments are sure to draw in a whole new round of controversy!

In a series of domestic-violence complaints Joshua filed against Jennifer, he alleges she simply got pregnant to be on the show, TMZ reports. He also calls her a ‘c0mpulsive liar’ who tricked him into getting pregnant by urging him not to wear a condom.

“She was giving me sonogram pictures,” he reported. “She claimed was ‘our baby’ when in actually [sic] it was her friend’s sonogram pictures she was copying. She lied to me and my parents for 3 months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on ‘Sixteen and Pregnant’.”

Between these allegations and their history of assault, this couple is meant for each other!

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– William Earl

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Posted at 5:52 AM on April 27, 2011  

Josh is an a**. Who’s to say he’s not lying? He called her a stupid-a** b*tch and was the one to initiate the violence in the car. He was disrespectful to he parents and frankly I wouldn’t believe anything that came out of his mouth.

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Posted at 4:14 AM on April 25, 2011  

She could be an ILLEGAL ALIEN from either Mexico or Cuba!!! Teen Pregnancy among Mexicans are rising, that is why the baby names Jose and Maria are climbing on the top 10 name list.

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Posted at 5:22 PM on April 25, 2011  

wow racist much? i think that she was desperate for attention… wanted the “fame” not really thinking of what happens after the cameras are gone.

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Posted at 4:09 AM on April 25, 2011  

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Brenda’s got a Baby

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But, Brenda’s barely got a brain
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The girl can hardly spell her name
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Well let me show ya how it affects the whole community
Now Brenda really never knew her moms and her dad was a
Went in death to his arms, it’s sad
Cause I bet Brenda doesn’t even know
Just cause your in the ghetto doesn’t mean ya can’t grow
But oh, that’s a thought, my own revelation
Do whatever it takes to resist the temptation
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Now Brenda’s belly is gettin bigger
But no one seems to notice any change in her figure
She’s 12 years old and she’s having a baby
In love with the molester, who’s sexing her crazy
And yet she thinks that he’ll be with her forever
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Posted at 5:08 PM on February 28, 2012  

That’s pretty good, did you write it?

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Posted at 9:39 PM on April 24, 2011  

The teaser article said this was a “shocker”.

I’m not shocked. HL, among others, writes about, blogs about, publishes out…them.

Whey would fame whores ignore a ready-to-publish group of advertisement whores?

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