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Lindsay Lohan’s Felony Reduced To Misdemeanor, Sentenced To 120 Days In Jail!

Fri, April 22, 2011 7:28pm EDT by 12 Comments

Lindsay violated her probation and must serve 480 hours at a women’s center and LA county morgue and she’s been taken into custody! Bail set at $75,000.

Lindsay Lohan received a reduced sentence but she’s not off scot-free! Judge Stephanie Sautner granted Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley‘s wish to plea her felony grand theft case down to a misdemeanor. It will not be dismissed, and Lindsay cried at court because she can get a year in jail if she’s found guilty.  But now there’s more! Lindsay has been taken into custody after being sentenced for 120 days in jail and she will have to serve 480 hours of community service!

When court returned from recess Lindsay was acting inappropriately at her felony grand theft court case, but things quickly turned somber for the actress. Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers called a police officer and detective to the stand before declaring the people had rested. Shawn struggled to get her witness to take the stand and was denied. During Shawn’s final statements she asked the judge to dismiss the case.

“Judge Sautner informed Lindsay, ‘Someone would have to be really dumb to do such a thing or really brazen,'” reveals our insider. Lindsay began crying, finally letting the seriousness of her situation hit her despite joking around in court earlier. The judge then announced she would be reducing the felony to a misdemeanor, but not dismissing the charge outright.

“Lindsay continued to tear up when told she could spend up to a year in jail for the theft misdemeanor,” our source explains. Lindsay’s case will return to court on May 11 for a pre-trial, where the LA city or district attorney will be determined, and June 3 is the date set for Lindsay’s trial.

As for Lindsay’s probation violation, Shawn asked the judge to please watch the surveillance video. The judge obliged and watched a few minutes, finally stopping the viewing and saying, “I will give Miss Lohan the benefit of the doubt that it was an accident.”

But she agreed with Danette’s statements that Lindsay waited a very long time to return the necklace, giving it back only when she knew her house would be searched. The judge continued, “There is no excuse. She has violated her probation sentence.” The judge reinstated probation and mandated Lindsay serve 480 hours of community service. 360 of the hours must be served at a downtown women’s center, and the rest will be served at the LA morgue.

Lindsay has been taken into custody, and bail was set at $75,000. She will have to post the fee, via her bondsman, at Lynwood jail because you cannot post bail past 4:30PM PT at the courthouse. Shawn Holley will appeal the judge’s sentence for her probation violation. Lindsay will take yet another mug shot, which will not be released to the public. Our spy heard Lindsay’s bail bondsman telling his assistant “Don’t worry, we are taking care of this.” Lindsay’s expecetd to post bail shortly.

Are you surprised that Lindsay’s charge was reduced or did you expect this? What do you think of her being sentenced to jail? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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