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Lindsay Lohan Laughing And Texting In Court — Insider Report!

Fri, April 22, 2011 3:21pm EDT by Add first Comment

Lindsay Lohan has been acting inappropriately in court all morning!

Lindsay Lohan is in court today for her felony grand theft trial over her alleged theft of a $2,500 necklace. Unfortunately, a preliminary hearing for a felony is still not enough to keep Lindsay somber. She’s been laughing and texting while in court all morning!

Lindsay walked into court this morning and immediately asked to go to the bathroom. Once the trial started, our eyewitness tells us Lindsay was constantly texting on her phone. She even laughed at her own lawyer when Shawn Holley mistakenly asked the court transcriber rather than the judge to repeat a question. She laughed again when the defense attorney called her witnesses up to the stand, giggling at Sofia Kaman, the jewelry store owner who has accused her of stealing the necklace.

She has been repeatedly looking at her phone all morning, picking at her nails and sometimes whispering into Shawn’s ear when she disagrees with the witness testimony.

The court is currently on recess for a lunch break, and when they return the D.A. will call two more witnesses to the stand.

Lindsay has a history of acting inappropriately at court. She once came to court with F U nails. She often dresses in an inappropriate fashion, and today was no different!

She’s also laughed before in court, although experts have told us that is typical of defendants who are very nervous about the outcome. But do you think she should be taking this more seriously? Especially since she is at risk for possible jail time? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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