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Tina Fey: Why It's OK To Curse Out Your Child — Is This Funny?

Thu, April 21, 2011 12:02pm EDT by Add first Comment

Pregnant Tina shares her unique approach to parenting in a foul-mouthed new interview with men’s magazine ‘GQ’!

30 Rock funnywoman Tina Fey doesn’t hold anything back in her GQ chat, revealing a hilarious breast-pumping anecdote; how she hopes to teach her husband the art of diaper changing in time for the birth of their second child – and why she thinks it’s OK to curse out her 4-year-old daughter Alice!

Tina has vowed to find a more glamorous way to produce milk for her new baby — after struggling with the pumping process when Alice was an infant. She tells GQ, “I would try to pump milk while watching Entourage on demand. And that was the worst possible way to do it. Like, I had the pump on, and I’d hear Turtle on TV: ‘Yo, E, you ever f*** a girl when she has her period?’ I just sat there thinking: Oooh, this is not how this is meant to be.”

She’s also giving husband Jeff Richmond a crash course in diaper changing — after he shied away from poop duty last time around: “My husband was really good about helping out. The problem was diapers. He never got past the poop. He would do these (gagging noise)Oh God, I’m gonna vomit. He never got over it.”

But most shockingly, Tina insists it’s OK to swear at children when they act out. She says, “I think that any person being an a** hole deserves it. Especially toddlers — they’re total d-bags. You gotta let them know.”

Is she serious?! Do YOU think it’s OK to curse at your kids?

— Ian Garland

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