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Lawyer: Lindsay Lohan Could Go To Jail Tomorrow After Her Court Hearing!

Thu, April 21, 2011 9:00pm EDT by 3 Comments

Susan Filan tells us what to expect from Lindsay Lohan’s court date tomorrow and explains why she thinks Lindsay is headed to jail

Despite Lindsay Lohan‘s attempt to postpone her preliminary hearing tomorrow due to Good Friday, she is going to court in the morning. We spoke to criminal defense lawyer Susan Filan about what Lindsay will face tomorrow, including the possibility of jail time, and whether the case is at risk of a dismissal.

Will tomorrow’s preliminary hearing be like the typical court cases we see on TV? “Yes, the state will go first and call their witnesses. They will proceed with direct examination, then cross examination by Lindsay’s defense attorney [Shawn Holley], and if necessary both sides will have a redirect/recross,” explains Susan.

RadarOnline reports Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers will have the jewelry store owner and a store employee testify about the alleged theft on January 22.

Susan explains that the preliminary hearing is necessary to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to go to trial against Lindsay for felony grand theft. “Tomorrow, the way it is set up, it is unwinnable for the defense,” she predicts. In fact, Susan thinks Lindsay will go to jail tomorrow! “In my opinion, just for being charged with [this theft] she’s in violation of her probation. Shes going to jail, period. I think she’s going tomorrow. I think [Judge Stephanie Sautner] is going to find in the States’ favor on the preliminary hearing and the judge’s going to incarcerate her. And then Lindsay will sit in jail until her trial.”

It’s hard to believe Lindsay could finally get in real trouble for a crime since she’s had a history of escaping long term incarceration. Does her lawyer have something up her sleeve?

TMZ reports Shawn met with a jewelry appraiser to look at the $2,500 necklace Lindsay allegedly stole. If the necklace is worth less than $950, then Lindsay would be guilty of a misdemeanor not a felony. So does Susan Filan think this will be enough to dismiss a trial for Lindsay?

“If you steal something from Tiffany’s, you aren’t allowed to turn around and say ‘This is overpriced.’ The appraiser is not going to work, he isn’t enough. The judge will probably tell Lindsay’s lawyer to save that argument for trial. The only shot the defense has now is pulling something crazy like sending her to the hospital, like Michael Jackson did during his trial.”

What do you guys think? Do you think Lindsay’s going to jail or will she inevitably get out of jail free again?

Lorena O’Neil

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