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'American Idol' Producer Admits: We Know Voting Isn't Fair To Girls, So We Might Change System!

Wed, April 20, 2011 4:29pm EDT by 4 Comments
Courtesy of Fox

Ken Warwick, the executive producer of American Idol, acknowledges the show’s voting has been skewed this year due to a high number of female voters and he is looking into changing the voting system!

Is American Idol becoming a boys’ club? With many fans still reeling from Pia Toscano‘s shocking elimination and only two female contestants remaining on this season of American Idol, it’s a real possibility. Ken Warwick, the executive producer of American Idol, realizes there may need to be a change in the voting system for Season 11 in order to keep more girls in the competition.

“It’s no secret that most reality shows are female driven, either by mums or by young girls…We are very much aware that the voting can be skewed towards the boys,” Ken explained during a press teleconference April 20. “It’s something we’re going to have a long discussion about once we finish this [season].”

This year, American Idol allowed online voting for the first time. Ken told reporters it is possible that they will limit number of votes that person cast online or by text next year.

“We change the voting system slightly next year. Maybe we limit the number of SMS votes or the number of online votes, but it will remain the way it is for the rest of this [season],” he revealed. “It’s the public that vote and that’s the end of it and that’s what the show’s all about.”

Another possibility to keep female contestants in the competition is to allow judges to give scores to contestants similar to Dancing with the Stars. However, Ken claims that is only one idea on the table and no firm decisions have been made.

Do you think American Idol needs to change its voting system? Sound off below!

Stephanie Wenger


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